Newark Teen Beating Video: Suspects Arrested

Police say the teen was stripped, beaten because his father owed one of the suspects $20.
1:21 | 02/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Newark Teen Beating Video: Suspects Arrested
And out of the arrests in connection with a disturbing video of a teen strip naked on the street in Newark and then beaten all because of a bet. Three suspects are now in custody in connection with this shocking online video Eyewitness News reporter Anthony Johnson has the new developments. This violent video went -- the victim was forced to take office -- before the -- is applied. It was a shocking horrifying that -- and broad daylight where the victim was embarrassed and humiliated. That three suspects taken into custody are all seen or heard laughing screaming and taunting the victim. And she stood and took the punishment. The only way authorities found out that the attack happened here is because it was placed on YouTube. Their -- 40000 hits and a lot of responses. The assault took place in an area known for crime and drugs. The police directorate -- -- -- to and a half minute video and calls it sickening. Apparently the victim suffer the wrath of the last because this father -- one of the suspects. Twenty dollars it appears the victim did not fight back residents say the victim -- left the neighborhood after being the object of public day. Authorities appointed talk about the suspects at an afternoon news conference. They face charges of aggravated assault in Newark, New Jersey Anthony Johnson channel seven -- this news.

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{"id":18491687,"title":"Newark Teen Beating Video: Suspects Arrested","duration":"1:21","description":"Police say the teen was stripped, beaten because his father owed one of the suspects $20.","url":"/US/video/newark-teen-beating-video-suspects-arrested-18491687","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}