NFL kicks off season in Philadelphia

Eagles win their first game of the season over the Falcons.
3:59 | 09/07/18

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Transcript for NFL kicks off season in Philadelphia
Shifting gears though let's talk about football the NFL season kicking off last night with the Eagles beating the Atlanta Falcons let's bring in Dominic Foxworth went yes he had dominate thanks so much for joining us. A bit of lead the late last night in the opening game but what did the defending champions. Show you in their season opener. But that the deeper the law. I'm matters they won in part because the same reason why one most of the games lashes because they're very deep of -- out the process the that he made even more additions that even the line. And they prevail because of that fact not necessarily because of their quarterback nick falls with the Super Bowl MVP he didn't really play that well but. I mean to be honest he never really played all that well with the exception of those spotted two playoff games and they brought back that Philly specials for players though he's also receiver apparently. Absolutely it falls somehow has managed to find a way to get it done when it counts dominate. Let's aside from the Eagles defending champions course of the other teams that were watching this year. Yeah having the rams are probably the most interesting and exciting team that we have coming up with these Amanda young coach Sean McVeigh was to very talented off the minds turn their golf and what people thought with the Boston's are now a starting caliber quarterback and they win in. Heavy on the defense they paid stars by the team including Ndamukong Suh with a broad and a team to leave at corner and markers Peters at the other corner at the volatile team with a lot of talented players. And LA I think they're going to be fun to watch. And for those of us engage in fantasy football got my line upset my two separate leagues already go for this week but that we've got a lot of players some new players coming back some some some rookie is also players coming back from injury. Who are the players that you think we should watch this season. Yeah I think there's a lot of really interesting story lines and players in the league this year but I think David Ramsey of the outcome of the mine as a cornerback for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Given that we're talking about all these I've been watching this show and there's a bunch about. Anonymous writers and people lying and deceiving daily Ramsey is a breath of fresh air when it comes that people being anonymous because he's not afraid to speak out he's. Called out just about every quarterback in the league you sit. That I'm Rob Gronkowski was overrated you've gone in hard his whole offseason and he's the he needs to back up this trash talking he has the chance to do it this weekend. Against them O'Dell Beckham just got paid a lot of money the best receiver in the league some with day is at least top three into Iran gets its first at the back of all that. Very honest and non anonymous threat out up anything at all off. And on held back computer coming back from a devastating injury is well a lot of people watching to see out what happens with him this season. Another big talker are also as we head into the year at a National Anthem controversy and Nike. In a statement this week by making column Kaplan it really the face of their new campaign we're showing. Our viewers here this ad that aired on opening night in the NFL. This already generating a lot of talk some people have been boycotting Nike posting videos burning Nike shoes. What do you think wolf happened how how does this set the tone as the new season gets under way. They're quite honestly I think back at them protests are at the demonstration that guys have had started to die down and and interestingly enough we won't see it. Come back to life unless someone else like Donald Trump came back to life when dollar front caught called the players SOB's. It kind of was reinvigorated win the CEO of the Texans. Had a comment that was racially charged about inmates. And then it was reinvigorated once again when NFL pass the rule change that the threat to penalize players and about thirds backed off that rule and as long as they. Remain in this state of kind of impasse I think that the players will back off of those demonstrations all last night Malcolm Jenkins did not raises fear if that's what he's been doing his. The safety board for the Eagles have been very outspoken in the leader of the players coalition he didn't raise pistol and a National Anthem. Honestly think this'll go away and left our president brings back the light. Introducing him last night the opening game we saw players on the field and they were all standing there man participating. Dominic Foxworth thank you so much for the SB and we appreciate it yet that football season underway.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Eagles win their first game of the season over the Falcons.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57675035","title":"NFL kicks off season in Philadelphia ","url":"/US/video/nfl-kicks-off-season-philadelphia-57675035"}