Nor'easter slams the East Coast

Heavy rain and strong winds hit the Northeast, leaving thousands without power.
2:20 | 10/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nor'easter slams the East Coast
This nor'easter. That's hitting the East Coast I'm torrential rain. Pounding New York last night and thousands without power from high winds in Connecticut so our whit Johnson is on the ground in Duxbury Massachusetts with the latest. But wait I just wanna see you can give us an update on what the damages where you are. We'll Kimberly this is exactly what officials were warning us about the powerful. Violent wind gusts 708090. Miles per hour in some place that's hurricane strength wind gusts and take a look at the result behind me here. Two trees down in front of his home one smashing a car the other one crashing through the roof a woman was inside at the time when that tree came down. She was able to make it out okay no injuries at all but that home is now uninhabitable. And this is in the story throughout the northeast from Virginia to DC Philadelphia Connecticut New York up here in the Massachusetts and further north we've seen downed trees who seemed down power lines. We've also seen a number of accidents. The commute yesterday evening was brutal we saw in Philadelphia. Are outside Philadelphia there is a van that flipped over eleven people were inside three people killed. Multiple others taken to nearby hospitals and this is really what we've seen throughout the area now the worst of it. Has moved to the north but they're still expecting major wind gusts upwards of fifty miles per our in this area throughout. The deck. Yet wit incredible damage and what about the power outages that I know Connecticut was suffering from battle little bit as well. Exactly you can see it's the same thing with the trees with the power lines this is the heavily wooded area trees have come down branches of come down. Taking out power lines knocking power out hundreds of thousands out one point that number. Was that half a million customers without power in five different states in New England now those numbers are fluctuating. Throughout the course of the morning because crews have been able to fix one problem. But then we still have these gusts and they've been dealing with problems elsewhere so we do expect those numbers to change the good news though the worst of the storm has moved on. As of crews have been working around the clock clearing debris trying to get power restored. Right well we certainly hope everyone stays safe when Johnson right there in Duxbury Massachusetts with the latest thank you.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"Heavy rain and strong winds hit the Northeast, leaving thousands without power.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66348723","title":"Nor'easter slams the East Coast","url":"/US/video/noreaster-slams-east-coast-66348723"}