The new normal: A food-a-thon

Chef Michael Symon shares his favorite family recipe.
3:39 | 04/17/20

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Transcript for The new normal: A food-a-thon
As we head into the weekend we're all looking for easy and delicious recipes for the whole family that everyone will loves him here to show us. A family favorite recipe joining us from his kitchen is ABC resident chef. Michael Simon and hey Michael before we get started a crew wanted to know how close you live to Times Square studios in do you deliver. Currently know what the root root servers will be open sued. Our kids know I'll pass along the message to you made a special dinner the action to show us today's a tell us what you made in what you're making perhaps. So I make it loses favorite thing is he is like a little rip product calculate. So it's. It's it's that she's improper pots let you explain what I want to have a I didn't know what that why. Yes so it just means literally cheese improper. So it's that the woman bears it's important easy and it will make it was forgetting that they could that was the brutal Whitehead. What I didn't go worked in here. I put about. Two tables and depressed let's. We're in the mold again. And then over here I give them. Rated but the real some parsley a little but actually went and lemon zest and these molds new lemon so that is the one thing but we always had to the world what a Colmes stood. And if anything so. This is just a rook on a reformer last justices costs feel. Bad Phil Wyman is doing what do so the couple was an opinion boasts that. The that we aired some of this month's told she sold the possible water and that becomes the base of the sauce. And then once this Qaeda. Blue bulls together that's a technical and the global. All in a moment to in the lead off the that would whisk in the choose the parts of the to report in the London. And sometimes people can cause there'll clump of little bit if the clumps don't worry symbols and back out with a possible water so we turn. Are you off. We take. But she's in our personal chilis. Really throw that in. And then when that goes we just whisk it and then we're just gonna take our new rules. And rolls right in here. And toss it altogether and real hot stuff on the duplicate tapes again have a limit the book but noodles with Allstate's ten seconds to break. So this is so you can get on the table or just kids who ordered them or your white I don't know that I and others were they've. In no time at all and then you just stir stir stir. You give little flip the new pitch he had all this comes together in actions at holy goodness. Lemony buttery olive oil lead may I love it and by the way final there was no way that kid is exactly I I can taste it from here I really can carry you participating in a very special benefit tonight the great New York. Lift on with some incredible people tell us about it and why this is so near and dear to your heart. Well at all. As is a lot of people know I'm a native Englander book of over the past. The decades a lot of my wife has been spent New York so. Armed that we could do something like this subject is a period has done a great job hoping this get together. There's a lot of celebs lot of shops always people coming together would raise money for city purpose with these New Yorkers in the so you know New York is some kind of public my home away from home so it be part of something like that is really great. That's awesome and for those of us at home how can we get involved to help as well. On what you can go to the the city harvest oh. Web page and they will tell you how to dole made how to get bald you could watch the special device that is exciting our Michael thank you so much for cooking for us.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"Chef Michael Symon shares his favorite family recipe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70208049","title":"The new normal: A food-a-thon","url":"/US/video/normal-food-thon-70208049"}