The new normal: video conferencing

Many are turning to video conferencing for things like work, education, and socializing. Zoom’s Chief Marketing Officer Janine Pelosi joins us to discuss the impact of this change.
2:43 | 03/26/20

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Transcript for The new normal: video conferencing
As the need for social distancing intensifies so many people are turning to video conferencing for things like work. Education solicit socializing and more joining us now to talk us through the impact of this increased traffic it zooms. Chief marketing officer Janine Pelosi Jimmy thinks are talking with us this afternoon I know you've been very busy. For people who have been living under a rock and are familiar with him at this point explaining what it is and how it differs from other video conferencing platforms. A quirk thank you so much for having me Amy. We knew the video platform that's allowing them to release date has not bad to our colleague dark the only our friend. On multiple life those on your iPod mobile phone outlet. Hello I'm dead dead dead and you help and and merely a productive way. And I think the globe continuing your education during the cool I'm. Now my own children are zooming their classrooms right now and I know you've seen so much change. Since this pandemic so you're currently the number one free app in Apple's App Store how are you handling all of this increase traffic. Yeah really mean it can no human built for scale also with the current health crisis we're ensuring never balance the traffic across. All behind them. Erratic and how he learned he had an although we have a world class engineering team when you about security I'm featured pictures of birds. That we enabled by C ul. I mean really hurt but do you think those look and security your site and virtual waiting or that you can control and people actually. Enjoy your meeting. Yeah I mean short term obviously were seeing the huge benefit of this but what do you believe the long term impact will be. What will this pandemic have had on telecommuting as a whole. Cleanup so. It probably you know at the world is not going to be the payment that was a couple of months ago and where that actually leveled now. I don't really know I'm gripping it like working remotely. Telemann and then I'm using video can you need whether it make your. Your colleagues or your family. No way so I appoint an pitted early enough speed up yet not. We kind of technology the and I should mention I mean obviously this is used for business and for classrooms but there are some fun features eye on. Pushed playing around with some of the virtual background you can feel like you're on vacation when you're not on this something parents and kids could appreciate together at home correct. Absolutely. Because doesn't touch up my and your brain so many aviary to have saying you know home run trail an home. You know little place my got a along life. Yet they certainly do we appreciate it all zoos Geneen Pelosi thanks for helping us all stay connected. And thanks for being with us today.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"Many are turning to video conferencing for things like work, education, and socializing. Zoom’s Chief Marketing Officer Janine Pelosi joins us to discuss the impact of this change.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69819312","title":"The new normal: video conferencing","url":"/US/video/normal-video-conferencing-69819312"}