North Carolina man reunites with long lost sister

Anatoliy Lashtur reunited with his biological sister on a Russian TV show.
1:46 | 10/31/17

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Transcript for North Carolina man reunites with long lost sister
Calling from his common rally Anatoly laster catches up with his big sister and Moldova. And they are planning of catching up to do for 39 years no one knew Valentino was switched at birth I was possible I'm in. How others believe and plaster grew up in Moldova with his older sister Tatyana and there are other siblings both fun and others that the vote lifted the family moved to the US when he was eighteen rumors following them of a biological sister they'd never met. Finally last month his parents traveled back to Moldova and tracked down a name Tatiana connecting with her on FaceBook the pieces started coming together. In my system but fun from here so we'll was born and no. Visited offensively and if you and then I was born this month like me if you. One week in a flight to Eastern Europe later the DNA results of Valentina and their mother revealed on a Russian talk show. Point 9%. In Linden and religion on the lessons it was a masks because underling Boland I was and. Postponing or rather stuff out of occurred and equipped us with those amenities and a few days together laughter and hugs. They've now an ocean apart once more the tears haven't stopped. And what they know what what would have been. Master doesn't blame anyone but let them honest mistake. In those with incomes. And making up for time lost. To reduce government on many of us who are responsible silly he's focused on reuniting is Stanley for the holidays. Until then relishing at least two phone calls a day use and they'll. Well in Munich and. It's Disneyland.

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{"id":50836297,"title":"North Carolina man reunites with long lost sister","duration":"1:46","description":"Anatoliy Lashtur reunited with his biological sister on a Russian TV show. ","url":"/US/video/north-carolina-man-reunites-long-lost-sister-50836297","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}