Earthquake Cleanup Underway in Wine Country

Officials estimate the damage could cost over $1 billion after the strongest earthquake in Northern California in 25 years.
23:14 | 08/25/14

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Transcript for Earthquake Cleanup Underway in Wine Country
A Monday morning hangover in wine country the cleanup and the damage assessment in Napa California. Following Sunday's at 3:20 AM earthquake. Many buildings have been rendered uninhabitable. And a state of emergency remains in effect. A thirteen year old boy struck by part of a falling fireplace remains hospitalized in serious condition. Hello everyone I'm -- -- -- in Washington ABC's to -- Bradley is in downtown Napa and he's joining us now live. With the latest month. -- -- -- this is what folks in wine country are dealing with take a look. Mobile homes like these destroyed we've seen old classic Victorian houses. Also gone now this of course is the part of the country used to dealing with earthquakes but not like this. Northern California's cleaning up today. After suffering its strongest earthquake in 25 years. I woke up and thought oh my god that's exhibit -- -- is the big 16 point oh quake struck in the dead of night shaking people out of -- The -- injured more than a hundred people. Including thirteen year old boy was in serious condition after being hit by falling bricks the monster quake buckled roads buried cars and bricks. In damage historical buildings in the heart of California's wine country. The control tower windows at Napa county airport -- blown out in this damage clock shows the exact time the quake hit. The earthquake snapped power lines which sparked fires raging flames at some shaken residents running for their lives. Fire just exploded it was frightening it was terrifying many grateful they meted out -- Thousands are still without power in many homes are deemed too unstable it'll allow residents back in -- knock the door. And he -- you have to evacuate the wit locks are picking up and moving out after the -- -- cracks in their homes foundation. We spend thousands of dollars putting in a 25 foot steel -- amend. 50000 dollars worth appears under the house to make it earthquakes in. Residents who were allowed in are overwhelmed by the damage. All of apartments pretty much -- -- this. The governor declared a state of emergency in -- -- officials estimate that the damage could top one of billion dollars. Now despite all this devastation here many people are just happy that their friends and loved ones made it out okay -- And of course to mind napping is the heart of California's all important wine industry. What can you tell us about how this earthquake has is affecting the industry there. Well there are gonna start the grape harvest today it's going to be delayed. A couple days but it looks like because the quake didn't happen during the middle of the harvest it won't affect. The winemaking in that is good news for everyone here Bosnia because it's a thirteen. Billion dollar industry I can tell you that the wine tasting is going on tourists are here and maybe -- it will -- -- they can get a couple bottles and bring them back to you. Come on I think you've earned it for your reporting there on the ground thank you so much on. And -- we are awaiting a scheduled news update on the situation there from the city officials in -- we will listen to that shortly. Joining us now from Napa is ABC's Neal Karlinsky was also on the ground there. And Neil we just heard there where you are there are some homeowners they're returning and seeing all the damage for the first time can you tell us about what you're seeing there. Yet a -- by the just within the last five minutes or so we're standing here this is where four homes were destroyed -- mean. Take a look you can get a sense and -- and it's going all the way around here. At the devastation of these homes. Burned down to nothing and so just within the last five minutes there was a man walking through here and I asked him if this was his property he said yeah. He picked up a couple of bar -- that he found in you know I asked him what he was when he was hoping to find what he was looking Forney told me that he was looking for -- cat cocoa. That he hopes meted out. He's looking he's now going door to door and talking to his neighbors but. In terms of you know anything to be salvaged from here he told me you know he's just he's thankful that he's okay but there's really there's not much here that's left. Really incredible devastation in the area where you are right now what is your sense -- about how people are doing in general today -- -- They still totally stunned are they beginning. To decompress and -- -- to take this and. I have to tell you you know I know at a -- -- seeing the -- that the media reports in the newspapers there was a sense of you know sort of vast devastation but here. It is incredibly normal. The streets are busy businesses are open tours to the wineries are going on. The earthquake damage which is serious is confined to some pretty specific areas so you have the mobile home park -- -- obviously number of homes were lost. You have the downtown core were of a very few specific blocks. Suffered some damage and then of course there's the sporadic homes and streets that are -- but for the most part. Things are in pretty good shape services are returning to normal there was power that was out there -- gas and water line breaks. Many most of those have been repaired we think we'll get an update on some of those numbers coming up. And really you know the infrastructure is so good in this country that even with an earthquake of this magnitude six point -- maybe -- slightly higher and pretty shallow. The damage is remarkably light and and the buildings that suffered. Such as these mobile homes and buildings downtown which are pretty old a lot of them historic buildings a hundred plus years old. They're the ones that -- the damage much of the newer buildings the newer construction. Is doing really well. That's very comforting news to all Californians I'm sure that -- damage wasn't worse than it is out there. And of course after any earthquake there a lot of concerns about aftershocks what can you tell us -- about the warnings that you're hearing. Well that's true then and there have been a number of aftershocks I think they counted as upwards of fifty at this point -- -- one a couple of hours ago that was -- two point something I can tell you -- in -- I did not feel a thing. Initially there was concern that there could be a fairly strong aftershock at least five point oh or higher they have now drastically lowered. The likelihood of that happening in and -- -- that it is highly unlikely that there will be in other strong. Quake in the next couple of days in the wake of this quake of course. It is not an exact science and the -- -- -- would be the first ones to tell you that but it's pretty quiet around here. And -- it's a you mentioned that it's fantastic that so soon after this earthquake. Businesses are opening up people -- are just sort of trying to go about their daily lives and many people -- if their homes weren't. -- really directly affected. But for those who have a lot of work to do for those businesses that it has suffered damage. How is the cleanup going are you getting a sense -- whether this is something they're going to be able to mop up quickly or this is gonna take some time. You know I think the -- is -- full depending on who you are I think for a for the average citizen here in Napa or tourist or visitor. It's going quickly and things are are up and running for the most part but for those few unlucky ones. Who were really hit hard. It may take a little longer obviously the drastic you know examples are some of these homes that were lost since from the buildings downtown -- -- the bricks in the facades that have fallen. There's also some buildings we saw a a bank downtown. That flooded actually because water main breaks you know a lot of the damage is unseen from these quakes -- water main breaks -- gas main breaks. And the resulting damage in some cases is is quite bad and so this -- bank for instance was flooded obviously that's gonna take them along time to get beyond. But for the most part wants to get through inspecting. The buildings where it's less obvious as -- whether there's anything. Concerning or anything really wrong with -- for the most for the most part those you know businesses. And homes. And all areas of infrastructure are up and running as normal. And are you getting any word yet on when schools plan to reopen in the area. We haven't heard and and we expect to perhaps at this press conference schools as you probably know were closed for today. -- out of an abundance of caution as they go and inspect those buildings and make sure that they are perfectly seismic -- sound. I would expect them to be open tomorrow but I don't know for sure officials haven't made that call yet. And Neil as you mentioned there -- some work to be done before the buildings that were affected to go through. To find out if they're still safe for residents or four businesses to be and to see if they can be inhabited again. So for that city officials that are doing that work how much longer will that take. They are really efficient around here mean as you know this is earthquake country and also many these same officials -- -- wild fires. Throughout the area on a regular basis so inspecting properties in making those judgments as to -- -- as the red tag meaning. It cannot be you know it is not -- habitable or yellow tag minutes cautionary. They're pretty good at that and they were on it fast yesterday and so they've already they've red tagged upwards of ninety homes at last tally. And the number of buildings. Which are much more obvious -- a lot of those buildings in the downtown area were actually see bricks and you know parts of the walls that have fallen off. That's a couple of dozen so the continuing to inspect. More buildings. But I think they have a pretty good handle on exactly what they're dealing with. At this point no surprises hidden that they know. And -- have you heard what what help what assistance is in place for the families. That have been left homeless or displaced because of the earthquake. Well you know not unlike a wildfire in a case like this generally -- you know when a family's home is. Either lost to a fire awards red tagged because it's you know structurally unsound and and off kilter the family is is off on their own either you know going to relatives' house a friend's house or hotel of course the Red Cross is here the -- crosses. In this mobile home park right now in fact offer assistance. To anyone who really needs it we generally find in you -- in areas like this most people sort of buying their own way. You know many of the homes that are red tagged as a little less certain and someone you know who obviously lost everything in a wildfire in many cases you have families that think. You know the home is okay but obviously engineers have have decided. That they're not okay based on the way to structure -- -- -- appears to them. Neal Karlinsky their -- -- in Napa thanks so much now. And it right now an apple officials are holding a scheduled media update we want to listen in to -- Let me begin by. -- generally we've. The hospital. And Natalie Kaye has been doing great work -- They've had 208 patients. We've been told that -- -- hospitals since the event yesterday of his injuries related. To the earthquake. Most of those injuries a report he had no new patients have been treated since 11 PM Sunday. There have been no fatalities -- believe we're down to one critical. I don't have any details. About. We. Very very impressive progress has been made. In terms. Electric and gas PG -- has flooded this city with resources. And typically when I say flooding in this city as the market -- in this case it is. We had 70000. Residents yesterday. After the earthquake -- could not have power. When we finish today yesterday we are down to 151000. And as. About an hour ago we have less than ten -- -- pretend customers. In town it did not -- powers were. We're pretty much within the next hour to -- and -- full full recovery in terms of power and gas. The all of the gas lines have been -- breaks that had been either breaks or complaints. Potentially can have been checked. And those issues have -- been resolved. What PG and is doing now is. Using technology they're covering all the city streets going up and down with -- they gas sniffing truck if you will to detect if there's -- -- doing they also have established. -- phone number for any of their customers. That are concerned that there might be ghastly to their -- -- they just want the security of knowing that their systems working right. And they're coming out doing those kinds. Checks and -- -- -- quite get your number it's 1800. 7435002. We appreciate all of their -- As far as debris disposal clean up has began in earnest both in -- residential communities as well as commercial. We have established drop boxes. Tapped a series -- -- we have about the team. Drop boxes that are in various school sites throughout the city and also in city parks. And we have a list on our website that this shows where all of -- are. So people are encouraged to to use those in the -- having. And our WSR contractors. Routinely go through the system and -- -- and make sure there's space available. Throughout the day and in and night. The the other items of a more technical manager I'm going to turn over to some key staff. Let me introduce Rick -- Rick is our community development director. Think like ticker TO OK -- I'm the city's community development director want to give you an update on a few of the issues that are -- are. -- materials for you one is on the city facilities and programs. Some of the buildings that we've looked at the senior center has been red -- of that building cannot be accessed by public at this time. The -- services building which houses my office public works. And some other city facilities is yellow -- we're giving -- now -- that building that is not open to the public. City's parking garage is -- have been inspected and they are open. All the other city facilities are open there are some updates as well on. Information like. Youth services. We have at the -- -- center which is 4300 Linda Vista. We have some -- drop off programs available for school age children. From 9 AM to 3 PM. And also the Kennedy master plan which is something we're working on. I had a meeting today it's obviously canceled while we're focusing her energies on the earthquake response. Another item I want to provide -- not be honest on the shelters we get set up a shelter the Red Cross that showed up set up a shelter yesterday. That was that crosswalk community church which is on first street west of highway 29. I understand from information submitted to us that fifteen people spent the night at the shelter last night. With regard to my office. -- as well who's conducting the inspections. We've had -- large number volunteers. And -- yes has sent us inspectors to. Go out into the field and canvass the remaining areas that hadn't been reviewed yesterday we had a total of thirty volunteers plus thirty of our own staff. Who are out canvassing in the field those areas so they're looking to identify -- damaged buildings and appropriately tagged them. And free up buildings that may appear to have damaged barricade ensuring -- occupied. They started that work roughly we everybody got together -- seven we've got them out the door by about eatery thirty. And their initial work they've -- -- sixteen additional buildings which reported to us about 101030. I'm so their work is not complete they'll be. Extending through the end of the day and so we're certainly seeing an increase that number there are over a hundred yellow tax now for clarity for the public the difference between yellow tag. And -- -- he yellow tag is essentially warning. What that says is that an owner whether it's a business owner property owner or tenant -- am -- to that building in the limited way and clean it and get it. To a place where it's not dangerous and other words can clean up broken glass can remove materials from that have fallen from the ceiling. But it cannot be occupied. Until the the building is re inspected by our inspectors and cleared. A red tag is a higher level of security essentially. Nazi damaged building that cannot be occupied -- cannot be occupied by business owner -- a property owner tenants. It until an engineer Paul -- professional fears that by contacting our office so for those folks in Napa who have been contacting us about. How do clear yellow -- -- red -- they can contact. The chief building official Dan can -- and his email address is DK. -- -- -- -- -- At city not -- dot war and he's looking all of those emails hand prioritizing. The inspectors to get out. To those properties quickly. I think that's it for -- at its -- -- questions correctly we will turn it over to. Our public works director Jack -- -- Jack -- show spellings L a ROC. HE LLE. And I'll start with or water update. As -- yesterday we had about sixty leaks that we knew today it's grown to about 92 weeks. And that's -- pretty much stabilized. We had one. Set -- -- they're actually five crews out last night working all night as -- 4:45. This morning eight of those leaks had been. -- -- Today we currently have -- crews working. Citywide to to fix these -- We have. Requested and received. -- mutual aid contract. Or that allows us to through the California -- system to get other agencies to help us out. And the California worn -- stands for the warrants for. Water wastewater agency response network. And we actually have four additional agencies were -- -- threat helping us out from Alameda County Contra Costa water district. Each day -- in the city Fairfield were very appreciative of those -- don't. Now as -- repair the lines. We will lose -- -- water service water pressure. When that happens if that happens. And you want to use of water to two for drinking or cooking there's three things you can do. We would suggest that either use -- water. Or to you up well water for one minute this is for Britain took him. Or we have two water stations. Is little confusion we you have to -- on pearl street. Here downtown. Access is open have to get to it and the other ones at the -- -- -- around this to drive north town. With respect to roads. There's a neighborhood west of town that experience and fairly significant cracks along the roads. Blunt -- streets where repairing those right now it's going to be -- fairly. Simple fix kind of what you saw the state highways yesterday. In those -- streets -- twin oaks drive. White -- circle. Meadowbrook drive in -- people brook drive. We do have an update on all the bridges there well however one of -- pedestrian bridges we have closed in -- the pedestrian bridge. Between coombs and Clinton streets. The bridges and -- good shape however the at the foundation level went down that we noticed this year that that gay couples had been sheared off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- fight -- but we're gonna close until repairs causing ripples. From a downtown standpoint. I have a map here that shows closures of downtown there are some copies in the back table if you'd like to see it. And and again we're closing these streets. Because of some of the activities and debris that's perhaps coming from the buildings from a safety perspective -- second street. Between Wilson name. First street between school all the way to -- school and a portion of main street from third street to Clinton. In the side streets in between also place. It's a fairly. Dynamic. Situation that downtown streets as our goal is just as can certainly cleared in its safety true traversed those streets. We will in those responsible. Not fit for the public -- -- And we have been listening to officials there in Napa California giving us an update. On -- their efforts to recover from the earthquake there. It would they had let us know it was a total of 208 people who were taken a local hospital with injuries but thankfully -- those injuries were mild. Only one critical injury and no fatalities. They said that there are still less their -- less than ten homes at this time that do not have power restored to their making good progress on that front. The utilities company actually has a special truck going around working to detect any natural gas leaks. They'd been tagging buildings said they can let residents and tourists know whether. Those buildings are safe to -- -- or still not in habitable at this time. And also that did they do have some more to do on the water lines in the area so there will be a period of time in which they ask residents. To boil their water for at least a minute before using it. And finally here. If your wine lover this might be a good time to turn away we mentioned that a number of those legendary California wineries in Napa and Sonoma County. Suffered some damage in Sunday's quake well -- -- -- winery in Sonoma released this heartbreaking video on its FaceBook page. You can see all of the spilled wine there although we know there's no use crying over spilled milk or in this case spilled wine. Again we're being told that considering the magnitude of that quake. Damage could have been so much worse. And a reminder that -- keep up with all the -- earthquake developments in real time by downloading the ABC news -- and starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Gaza cannot -- in Washington.

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{"id":25119356,"title":"Earthquake Cleanup Underway in Wine Country","duration":"23:14","description":"Officials estimate the damage could cost over $1 billion after the strongest earthquake in Northern California in 25 years.","url":"/US/video/northern-california-earthquake-cleanup-underway-wine-country-25119356","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}