NTSB investigates small plane crash that killed 3 in Pennsylvania

The Beechcraft Bonanza aircraft was on its way to Columbus, Ohio.
4:52 | 08/08/19

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Transcript for NTSB investigates small plane crash that killed 3 in Pennsylvania
Obviously the NTSB has arrived Dave completed their preliminary walk through. And we're in the process of collecting debris and attempting to the goal that is to kinda convince the scene. So that it's a little more manageable for we're not just us but for the NTS BP. The coroner's office has completed recovery of the remains. And had transported into their office adores him. The upper Moreland detectives they've worked all day. And they have identified the victims of the crash. There are three victims they are all members of one family. First victim is jazz beer Jesse. Karate. Spelling a last name is Kate age you are a NA. His first for first name is jazz Peter JF BIR. But he goes by Jesse. That's what everybody calls you sixty years old. Second victim is his wife. Her name is did yet the ivy YA. Who run. KH UR a NN she's 54 years old. The third victim is they coo Ron is nineteen year old daughter cure on KI RKN. All three victims were deceased upon impact. And mega say they're their bodies have been recovered the remains are part the north. The applicable county coroner's office. Family has been notified. And our thoughts and prayers go out to them. There is one surviving daughter to the fab. We are notified this morning about 6:30 this morning. Of the plane crash. Shortly thereafter I departed from Washington DC area. Or office says. Traveled up here I arrived on scene just a few hours ago and in the afternoon. The investigative team includes representatives. From the Federal Aviation Administration. The aircraft manufacturer which is Textron aviation and also the engine manufacturer. Which is continental motors we say he prodding party process to you. Two systems the factual. Portion of the investigation that we're in right now. I am assisted by Friday specials back in Washington DC patent specialists and include air traffic control me urology. And operational factors a pilot issues so like I said the veep Dick. Portion of the investigation they were in right now is the fact gathering process is very early stage. We're here on scene most importantly to document the pair little evidence so what I mean by that is evidence with the passage of time. It's going to get much more difficult for us to collapse. So be location. The aircraft debris flight control positions. Fuel on equality the condition of the engine. Are all items that will be looking at here on scene today. Rule we expect to be had seen her roughly two to four days we will be here as long as it takes it course. The airplane will be moved to a secure facility in Clayton Delaware fire recovery company. Like I said this stage. Is very early. The next steps will be at preliminary report that contains our factual information that we've learned on scene. It wolf be released in roughly ten to fifteen days. Again here at scene we're looking at big item so all the like say as the airplane. The pilot and also the environmental conditions meaning the latter south conditions. It's like until services. Condition of the engine are all back to several looking at. And it's something that were routinely dill and airplane investigations such as that so I have some limited factual information that we do know at this time. The airplane was November 408. New Sierra asks number 408 T Sierra. That as a single engine airplane if they beach. At 33. Game box strapped 33 out. It did have a continental engine onboard that piston engine airplane. The accident time Letterman preliminary informacion suggest that the accident did occur about 6:15 AM this morning. In it a part of the northeast. Philadelphia. Airport. Just a few miles. From here in the deaths nationwide as Columbus, Ohio the Ohio State University airport. We believe the flight right now is just about three minutes long. And that is the limited he tells that we know today.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"The Beechcraft Bonanza aircraft was on its way to Columbus, Ohio. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64864617","title":"NTSB investigates small plane crash that killed 3 in Pennsylvania ","url":"/US/video/ntsb-investigates-small-plane-crash-killed-pennsylvania-64864617"}