NY Family Killed in Stabbing Rampage

A Chinese immigrant is suspected of killing 5 members of his family with a meat cleaver.
1:43 | 10/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NY Family Killed in Stabbing Rampage
About stabbing Rampage in Brooklyn a Chinese immigrant is under arrest in connection with the murders of his cousins wife and her four children. They were killed with a butcher knife -- bloody scene taking place and -- the family's home on 57 street and sunset park. Eyewitness News reporter Anthony Johnson is in Borough Park right now Anthony what's -- Good morning weekend that suspects still here at -- 66 phrasing right over my shoulder it's going to be moved over to the courthouse in downtown Brooklyn a little bit later on. This morning apparently. He killed his relatives because he was jealous of their success here in America. Now he was covered in blood after using what is described as a meat cleaver to kill five members of his own family. Chien-ming doc took out his unspeakable hatred and hostility and a woman -- a four children. It was a kind of scene that left hardened cop shaking their heads saying the murderers will be seared in their memories because of the brutal nature of the crime. Chen Ding Dong came to the United States in 2004 that he was jealous of those who found success -- A relative describes them as being emotionally. Unstable. We lost his job. Adolescent mind. Contact about. It's sad probably because. Not particular to an easy sell -- this campaign because he always knocking at gauntlet because -- -- have. Financial income. Now coarsening Dong was even upset when he got here to the precinct he got into a struggle. With police had to be taken to an area hospital. And then brought back here to the 66 precinct -- get will be making his first appearance in court later on today that its latest live. From Brooklyn Anthony Johnson channel seven.

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{"id":20700732,"title":"NY Family Killed in Stabbing Rampage","duration":"1:43","description":"A Chinese immigrant is suspected of killing 5 members of his family with a meat cleaver.","url":"/US/video/ny-family-killed-stabbing-rampage-20700732","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}