NY Ferry Crashes Into Pier, Passengers injured

Seastreak ferry struck the mooring as it arrived in Manhattan.
4:06 | 01/09/13

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Transcript for NY Ferry Crashes Into Pier, Passengers injured
Right there that tells -- -- -- that damage appears to be about even with the -- level that you see in the bottom of your screen. So this boat could very well approached an angle. Again this is a category and so -- -- Does she support structures that hold this up from the -- it's not one big holders two -- here this is the one that will be on the right side starboard side community conceded the front of that. The front of that structure there's for a double -- can -- so. This is certainly -- hardly -- and we see visible damage on the boat and we see upwards of 25 people injured. The end the great -- digit showing in this giant I want you to sit -- for a minute you know week referred to that picture from Chris we have Chris on the phone Christian there. Yemen -- take you for sharing that was you're on the C street. Yet -- -- the 8 o'clock coming out of congress -- OK you know what time as a -- cut -- Usually about. 830 years so we're -- -- 130 -- so it's doing right on time from the the most -- -- -- seem like it was going to be out of the ordinary. -- so tell the trip itself though -- -- right. Until the end. The F basically like there was there was once or twice when I was talking with -- where we actually thought that it was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know you feel the jolt and and everybody goes flying and then the next. Tammy what we -- standing worries setting -- what it was like. -- so a lot of people stand usually when it comes in much you basically passed the the statue of liberty pretty much knows. You know that that you're gonna be -- since a lot of -- are standing up milling around get their coats and everything like that and then. You know so. It just about anybody who was standing went to the ground and but not me I was I was business bill still -- -- -- act together social city. And we -- seeing right now from news -- assembly were able to see. The damage. To that theory. By one of the -- that at the dock you can see it's quite -- rip right into it I mean and I. You've described it very well but but it it will really was a jolt for passengers inside. Absolutely committed to is almost as if you get -- like like a bus accident you know what you're standing up -- taken everything's moved -- -- -- as a sudden impact and stopped. Yes I mean it probably another have been -- out of car accidents but that would probably be one of the most likely. Compare -- to because of that sudden impact of where you got -- momentum that is immediately -- you gotta go somewhere. Guide in the colleague that you're talking went that we're riding along with you rule. What -- impact did you have a chance to have any dialogue any conversation was a trying to figure out what in the world just happened. Yeah absolutely and almost no one knew what what was going on I mean aside from obviously that there was some type of impact -- There would like a lot of panicky Bradley Obama got the books taking on water or something like that they -- Really more like you know what it is what's going on here united how this happened -- everybody okay more citizen. You know it is it is going to go from bad that there really really bad. John from from the chopper I think you provided -- really important pictures over the last 510 minutes or so. First of all it was really good to point out that the blankets on those folks -- -- warms to meet the latest information we have from our assignment desk is from the FDNY. They're telling us approximately. Seventeen people are hurt. Now we eat you're seeing you may have seen more more people than that but right now the official word from the FDNY. And they using the word herd approximately seventeen people. Have been hurt but as you see there from the pictures from -- -- seven. I'm probably many more people as a precaution are getting checked out as well we're listening to Chris of -- who was on. Who's on that C street -- he sent us in that picture of the the shattered window he said that shattered window. Was right behind him for the folks -- -- just joining us right now looking at these pictures we want to tell you that all those people who are covered are covered for warmth. The FDNY -- told us that seventeen people approximately have been hurt.

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{"id":18169133,"title":"NY Ferry Crashes Into Pier, Passengers injured","duration":"4:06","description":"Seastreak ferry struck the mooring as it arrived in Manhattan.","url":"/US/video/ny-ferry-crashes-pier-passengers-injured-18169133","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}