Former NYC Nightclub Owner Savyon Zabar Found Strangled to Death, Police Say

Savyon Zabar, 54, was found dead in his Upper West Side apartment, police said.
2:40 | 01/06/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former NYC Nightclub Owner Savyon Zabar Found Strangled to Death, Police Say
New in news man known as Big Ben who is a fixture in New York city's gay nightlife scene. Was found dead in his upper west side apartment police say 54 year old save runs a bar was strangled. Eyewitness News reporter mark rob Nelson is outside the apartment on the upper west side with the latest and a lot of people around asking if the victim was related. To New York's famous save our grocery store family. It's absolutely good afternoon Diana certainly the victim in this case does have a very famous last name but at this hour they're does not appear to be connection between the victim and of course the iconic they've bars and market as you see right here behind me this does remain an active investigation the crime scene unit. Here are on the scene police trying to figure out. Who killed this man who by all accounts as you said was a fixture in New York City. Nightlife now just an hour ago we spotted police entering the building here on west 81 where the body of 54 year old sat guns a bar was found. Wednesday morning by his roommate he was unresponsive and unconscious and pronounced dead at the scene. Police did reveal today though that an autopsy showed save our had been strangled but that there are no signs of forced entry nothing in the apartment appears to have been stolen. Authorities described him as an openly gay and well connected socialite here in New York who was linked to several popular nightclubs Eyewitness News has also learned save our. Frequently got massages and now detectives are looking to interview his masseuse. It's a bar was a large man weighing between 40500. Pounds he was affectionately known as Big Ben. We've also learned save or was the victim of another crime less than a year ago back in April. When he was robbed by two men as he was entering this same apartment building those men made off in an SUV with about 3400. Bucks. In cash today meantime it is speak with a friend is a Barros who spoke. Lovingly about big bet. He was it was mostly to himself. You know you got the chance of me from news occurred two. There wouldn't there's nothing America's sue them that a bow he always treated me fairly when I worked with and he always took care of me you know metro is that I was hungry or anybody was hungry thirsty or anything you want that those his. This quote he would commit to whom prong. You the shirt off was Bart. Edited by all accounts is a bar well connected was a socialite involved in the New York City social scene still a mystery as to exactly who killed him and why. It again this investigation is ongoing there's an outpouring from friends and family on social media. As the investigation continues. And he won't information as Brees pass to call police. For now reporting live on the upper west side rob Nelson channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Savyon Zabar, 54, was found dead in his Upper West Side apartment, police said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44602868","title":"Former NYC Nightclub Owner Savyon Zabar Found Strangled to Death, Police Say","url":"/US/video/nyc-nightclub-owner-savyon-zabar-found-strangled-death-44602868"}