NYC Nurse Arrested in Food Exec's 1984 Murder

Former exotic dancer Leila Mulla has been charged in the Louisiana murder of Gary Kergan.
2:40 | 12/05/12

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Transcript for NYC Nurse Arrested in Food Exec's 1984 Murder
He was murdered 28 years ago and nearly 12100 miles away but tonight here in New York. There's been an arrest in a cold case that has baffled police Gary Corrigan killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana back in 1984 but tonight thanks to DNA technology. New York cops have arrested two people including a 47 year old woman in Astoria queens. I would -- -- Michelle Charles -- in Q gardens with the latest Michelle. Thank you this alleged murder suspect this woman is expected in court any minute now she's been working living in -- working as a nurse in the rocks for years but Louisiana authorities say they want her back there to answer these mergers and go back 28 years. Tonight we hear from the victims. Brother. My brother is reaching beyond the grave and making them accountable for what they did tell. The brother of the murder victim is glad to see these arrests. This is how the two charged with murder looked in the eighties when police say they were romantically involved. They were let go back then because of insufficient evidence. The man who went missing -- businessman Gary -- and who was last seen with then eighteen year old exotic dancer -- mullah. All of this the alleged murder the evidence in the -- cold case investigation of all happened in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And this so the two alleged accomplices look now ages 64 and 47. Living half of -- country apart almost thirty years later and both now charged with murder. -- -- has been living all of this time in Astoria queens neighbors say she's quiet and nice and that they are more than surprised. I recognize -- -- -- we talked to are no I haven't set as she seen. She seems kind of normal lives have been removed so -- maybe issue was. Abusers who -- It's really surprising you know it's a dream -- -- -- building and it really expected. Anything like that happen all these years later DNA blood evidence connected the dots blood samples taken from the missing man's car in 1984. Match those of a blood relative who just gave a sample weeks ago. That is how investigators say they connected to 28 year old evidence to occur again. Assumed dead two years after he went missing. Now all this time later his brother says he just. Wants justice. He was my -- by chance -- my friend by choice. -- -- -- -- We look this woman a suspect up online -- -- a Twitter account and a blog where every single post is in the third person. And she always talks about staying positive meantime Louisiana authorities tell me they are positive she will be in their custody in Louisiana. By the end of the week.

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{"id":17885500,"title":"NYC Nurse Arrested in Food Exec's 1984 Murder","duration":"2:40","description":"Former exotic dancer Leila Mulla has been charged in the Louisiana murder of Gary Kergan.","url":"/US/video/nyc-nurse-arrested-food-execs-1984-murder-17885500","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}