NYC parade marches on despite possible terror attack

A truck plowed into several people in lower Manhattan Tuesday afternoon, killing eight and injuring several more.
2:48 | 10/31/17

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Transcript for NYC parade marches on despite possible terror attack
Off on the streets as well in Greenwich Village. What it was. The strongest images on tonight the mayor. The governor all walking together at the front of the progressive music come. Well that was a very important moment for this. City NB on Tuesday they march in solidarity we march was. Without fear we have marched together on this Halloween night even though is just moments after that terrible. Attacked I do what and mentioned grand Marshal this year is and jealous that she is. Even close behind me a McCain's. Come and heard and magical island tight end here early and didn't seem to defend modular this year but this is. Maybe 4444. Annual Greenwich Village. Halloween parade in which is. As the bill pretty fantastic. News those seen just about everything locked up sixth avenue payment. Just thought why just tell you great in the country I have to mention it isn't international. Events. All along the route you'll see tourists from all of we'll wind. She just marching up in the sixth avenue around Fifth Avenue mile west third street by the show tonight than that you wouldn't know there was such a terrible. Attacked just a few hours ago but this is my New York visit about it's about moving lower and about being resiliency. It is about not being power in my line act of terror and possible terrorism. So we've seen a lot of let's go by this evening but again I want to mentally began Windham mountain police this evening they got a big round of applause so does this sanitation workers. Coming MEI endorses but anyway believe that a big rent a plug as they march down. Sixth avenue and then. Then first marches and every word and the mayor the governor. Police commissioner. All of that and soon a New York, New York disdain you. New York strong and how about a little bit into your mind tonight on this Halloween parade her live in the village town was the acting general seven. Are wondering. Best source of conversation where you want me. People talking about. Bill heightened and the folks say it fast on the route could not be more thrilled. That this city decided to let this marine who happens tonight they felt this was important to send that kind of message that we are movies lowered. They're gonna have fun tonight and certainly paroled two hours of live animals of the countrywoman flew in from Spain since August that he was marching. Instead this is why she came here to Martin's in the near city Halloween parade. And I think lose his head for all of us to see those smiles and everybody's eyes there.

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{"id":50849438,"title":"NYC parade marches on despite possible terror attack","duration":"2:48","description":"A truck plowed into several people in lower Manhattan Tuesday afternoon, killing eight and injuring several more.","url":"/US/video/nyc-parade-marches-terror-attack-50849438","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}