NYPD deems suspicious packages safe

No explosives were found in the discarded rice cookers that were left on a lower Manhattan train platform and mezzanine.
2:45 | 08/16/19

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Transcript for NYPD deems suspicious packages safe
We hit today because of a job that came over this morning at about 0700 Alice. Two anti terrorist officers found the transit bureau police office. That's seduce. Some on and hide deep Sam. Bomb patrol the Fulton street station and they were approached by a passenger who have alerted them to. The fact that it was a package. On a platform the officers responded Elba. And gold at the low resource is and that's where the job when as of now both it turned out to be rice go visit actually joked. One. On the mezzanine and one on a platform. They're both just MP rice took his at this time. In addition to that we had one additional job that may or may not be related bonds' sixteenth street and seventh avenue that came in about ten if they ate this morning. As a suspicious package it was an additional rice Coca that was put out with the garbage and that was also found to be just that. We reviewed the video at the scene. We do see. Male white between twenties and thirties. Went dark hair. At a shopping cart. He places the pressure cooker. On the upper level and then on the lower level. So there's a person of interest obviously we'd like this big this present I would hope I would some very short of calling him a suspect because. Right now. We just because. The time rush hour the place. Subway station. Of the items. Rice cookers that could be mistaken for pressure cookers. It certainly is the kind of thing that we would want to know. Why is he placing them there. And what is the purpose of that so we've put that photo out to our officers. On the idea that. If he is. Somebody they recognize. Would like to stop them. We'll probably release that to you all to get that out to the public. To speed up the process again. Not a suspect but certainly somebody we want to interview because of the time the timing and the placement than they items. We're carrying this right now as a hoax device. That's the investigative category. But again we would have to. Identify and find them talk to him. That we need we get more information from him. As you all know. There are people would shopping cart to pick up things on the street put them back down on the street. And and that's kind of a fact of urban life. A week later identified individual and talk to.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"No explosives were found in the discarded rice cookers that were left on a lower Manhattan train platform and mezzanine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65014174","title":"NYPD deems suspicious packages safe","url":"/US/video/nypd-deems-suspicious-packages-safe-65014174"}