NYPD Shoot, Kill 66-Year-Old Woman With History of Psychiatric Problems

New York City police shot and killed a 66-year-old woman with a history of psychiatric problems Tuesday night as she wielded scissors and a bat.
3:43 | 10/19/16

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Transcript for NYPD Shoot, Kill 66-Year-Old Woman With History of Psychiatric Problems
Neared a glossy and send bluntly today Deborah Danner shouldn't be alive here is what we know about Diana she was 66. And she suffered from mental illness we also know that police have been called a home in similar situations several times in the past. And then they she knew they knew that she suffer from mental illness. It's now we're also learning more about the sergeant who fired the shots thirty year old Hugh Barry Barry has been with the NYPD for eight years. Eyewitness News reporter Kimberly Richardson joining us live from the castle hill section with new details in this case camera like. Meted out by Deborah Danny's standing right here at a bus stop it was troubled. But say she was dangerous police commissioner James O'Neal didn't take the bottom line is believe here ended up speaking a light. In stead of preserving why. She will learn to be able to scoop juniors talking about his cousin Debra Danner who since college wrestled with mental illness many here at her home on pugsley avenue new does 66 year old she lived in a seventh floor apartment this same place where last night NYPD sergeant Hugh Perry shot and killed her. Danny's sister lives in a neighboring building was there when tanner was fatally wounded. I was down on all from my sister Molly when I think this is the question is there. Police commissioner James O'Neill did not mince words on the heels of this deadly shooting. What is clear in this one instance we felt. When and why it happened a neighbor called nine Mon one just after six data was acting irrationally. Officials say sergeant Barry saw the victim sitting on her bed holding scissors he convinced her to drop them. But authorities maintained Danner then came at the officer with the baseball back took a swing at him he fired two shots. Kirk has no Jenner per year. She had a bad swing targetable tomorrow morning. Today's. She'll that very issue is now rockets center in this case did sergeant used proper protocol when dealing with an emotionally disturbed person. Our policy is isolated thing. You have somebody in a certain area. Time is on our side. Dinner was in her bedroom the taser since last year the department needed a point retrain thousands of officers to use the non lethal weapon. Sargent Barry knew how to use it taste or talk brass want to know why he didn't. But his spokesperson for the sergeants benevolent association says officer Barry fear forest life. As debtor grabbed that bat from behind her bed ignored repeated orders to drop the charge then swung at the sergeants now. But reality is point out police had been here book Ford knew dinner that she was schizophrenic. The end of Lazio says point blank Danner should be alive right. We did fail. And we need to say out loud and the people deserve to hear it. Now are very happy again bit with the department for eight years in Nike has been placed on modified leaves stripped. His badge and gun coming up later on Eyewitness News. What want expert. About Sargent Barry used. A deadly for our live in the Bronx Kimberly Richard and channel seven eyewitness. Thank you Kimberly Willis afternoon Reverend Al Sharpton released a statement praising commissioner O'Neill's comments he went on a ride. The police shooting in the Bronx is atrocious and should not be dismissed. The need for an overhaul in police training in a review of those qualified to become police officers is apparent. And must be dealt with.

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{"id":42918733,"title":"NYPD Shoot, Kill 66-Year-Old Woman With History of Psychiatric Problems","duration":"3:43","description":"New York City police shot and killed a 66-year-old woman with a history of psychiatric problems Tuesday night as she wielded scissors and a bat.","url":"/US/video/nypd-shoot-kill-66-year-woman-history-psychiatric-42918733","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}