What's next for NYPD's newest recruits

Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly explains what's next for the new police academy recruits.
4:48 | 07/06/17

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Transcript for What's next for NYPD's newest recruits
And there you have it more than 500. New recruits have officially been sworn in. To the NYPD hi everyone I'm on the demise in New York with me here is former NYPD commissioner. Ray Kelly I'm curious as you're watching that mr. commissioner you've obviously presided over a number of those ceremonies at. What are you thinking as he watched. But it several thoughts on I think what commissioner feels that is. To feeling. Unease. Reputation excitement. You know all those things will win. Together. But the mayor mayor Bloomberg News used to do these swearing ins of its except that meant the book of the year. Obviously. Is. But there they are embarking on adventure and just as the commission's. You know. It's going to be a lot of good day's. And they really have a front row seat as music to the greatest show at world. And the new York city police officer I think it is. Tremendous opportunity. See the world and all. All that's the permutations shapes and sizes it's happening here and in New York with the happening and now this job is not for everybody. And you'll be certain people will leave that the police academy and perhaps people left this morning. Our unit manifestation. Of that. No because of the commission imagine this now begins at academy teacher right if for the next 616 weeks of training while only experience. Obviously a lot of class from. The training but local hands on training because. We designed this we being you Bloomberg administration Mike Farrell. As a person who light from our work but now we're very instrumental in designing. This police again it's over a billion dollar facility. And it was designed to provide a lot of hands on training. Rather than just sitting in a questionable economy people to. Do things you know testify in court and and actually. Have role plays we your involvement was watching eight roll. So they'll have a lot of academic training though and certainly in the law and in police procedures. In understanding the community New York is the most of recipient in the world right and we want and the administration now wants police offices to appreciate. Diversity in fact this class is very representative. Of the diversity of New York a goal room. Wilma have to live in New York to live in New York has delivered some of the contiguous. Or you know learn to. Shouldn't. Though it's been about eleven days. On. Pistol range of even fired the the rightful. They'll probably be at the end lose 26 weeks in the best physical. Condition. Of their lives and say it they'll have street experience as well that'll be into war when the news. 26 week journey. It's it's a experience that every please office or remembers. And I can't say this is enjoyable look like he enjoyable retrospect made me that's you know at the field. A little more about that training can there is so much conversation around. Training of police officers for the and kind of the kind of encounters that they'll have in the communities. That in which they'll serve how is that training in NYPD. And did you create you know another law enforcement community palace that changed recently what is it focus on more now as opposed to things that focused on before. Well it focuses them but a lot on. Interaction and I said that their hands on aspect. Is very important in that regard because. Actually will be confronted. With with situation people calling you names are we it. Yeah we had different things where we would show them. Issues that that a relevant to today you know. Issues concerning transgender people. Those sorts of things that page that's out there how he's going to. To react in then it's corrections as to whether or not that the officer acted. You know properly. Is and lot of sensitivity in police training today throughout the country. Personal. Interaction. How to go about doing some things have of you know somewhat controversial. You know who I think. The department. Now and has been pretty much up they sting was. Friends and and and and changes happening in society.

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{"id":48477958,"title":"What's next for NYPD's newest recruits","duration":"4:48","description":"Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly explains what's next for the new police academy recruits.","url":"/US/video/nypds-newest-recruits-48477958","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}