Obama and Putin Meet at G8 Summit

Syria and surveillance are top of agenda.
10:59 | 06/17/13

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Transcript for Obama and Putin Meet at G8 Summit
This is a special report from ABC news. Hello everyone I'm -- -- in new York and this -- -- ABC news digital special report it rather tense opening day to the G-8 summit in NORTHERN IRELAND. With the US and Russia already at odds over the civil war in Syria new revelations delivered by an -- whistle blower Edwards noted. That the UK spied on -- delegates at a 2009. G-20 summit in London. With more on all of that and president Obama's meeting with Russian Vladimir Putin we are joined now. By ABC news political director Rick Klein and ABC news White House reporter Mary Bruce was traveling with the president. -- let's begin with you a Russian spokesman said today that a no fly zone over Syria it was a no go. What does that mean for the US policy going forward. Good afternoon -- that's right the US and Russia could not being further apart when it comes to Syria we heard the Russians. Say today that a no fly zone was not an option that's something that the US has been considering we -- along with other options. To help who support for the opposition. Now Russian president Vladimir Putin who President Obama just met with for over two hours here in Ireland -- -- -- -- -- he supports president sees me. The regime of -- sot in Syria so. The US and Russia are completely on opposite ends of the spectrum the US is trying to figure how -- -- -- the opposition Russia's continuing to -- -- They can't agree on any of the different options so are the only thing that we see that they agree on is that they want to see an end the bloodshed but just how they do that. Is it something that currently there is no agreement on. So right now have posed this question to you does this mean that -- anyone anyone calling for a no fly zone after today is in reality calling for a potential war with the Russians and Syria. We're not quite the ever we are moving toward what could be something of a proxy war where you have. It back to the Cold War back you've -- US on one side and Russia. On the other side and that's why this is so tricky because you have several members of the G-8 who were on the same page on this the president -- President Obama joining them with his announcement on Friday about Syria having crossed red lines with regards to. Chemical weapons but you know that the Russians are going to agree with that. And it's on the that the two of them are gonna have to dance around -- present Obama President Putin meeting today a tense meeting at times as you -- -- also ten tense body language between the two men. As they sat down because they know they're not going to be on the same -- -- the best the Americans can hope to happen. Is that the Russians backed down a little bit from the support on a songwriting seeing signs of that. So in a sense if you think about this as backing one side or the other on a war -- have the Americans in the Russians potentially on opposite sides and that is the situation and I think. Both sides want to avoid. Absolutely we do have a sound bite from -- today speaking on Syria organ player that now. -- -- And it's do not coincide. All about. To stop the violence. Don't know hoping to. -- You see attrition. Into the negotiations table games. -- -- rather denying that statement -- married nothing nothing too bellicose there. I think that's right now I think you have to calibrate your language at a summit like this and to be careful yeah of course everyone wants less bloodshed but the key is how you get there what -- you -- in the fact is that the Americans in the Russians are on opposite sides right now. Absolutely -- -- Mary how these new reports that the old UK government when Gordon Brown with prime minister. Read the email foreign delegates at the 2009. G-20. However the British responding today. That's right summit just got a lot more complicated yesterday the guardian newspaper. Revealed that British the British were essentially spying on some delegates here during -- in 2009 at the G-20 summit. Add to that revelations that the US government was also intercepting some communications between the Russians at that summit is -- all of a -- things -- get a little bit off court. The -- then British airports are trying to sidestep the issue and not really addressing it head on but but so -- that certainly is complicated this summit is -- gets underway today. Absolutely -- and -- and -- think dynamic here between Russian president Vladimir Putin and President Obama. I think as we said they're backing opposite side in Syria yet they seem pretty comfortable on a personal -- -- -- I guess that's one way to read it I think they would been dating scene openly hostile I didn't see a lot of -- there though -- same token I think. The president present Obama trying to make a joke about president Putin's. Skills in -- -- -- declining skills and basketball. Maybe not the funniest the lines with something to try to crack some of ice between these two men. Clearly there is there are lots of -- really agree and some important areas -- they disagree our focus now is on Syria over the two of them -- you heard the for your President Obama thanking President Putin for his help in the the investigation of the Boston Marathon bombings are lots of ways where the two countries are working together. There isn't much personal chemistry interesting note on this the Russians have been very interested in having this meeting in. And having -- -- the images of President -- and President Obama together. So I wouldn't say that the two men seem like fast friends based on our -- the body language yeah -- clearly they're places that that they can help each other out. Yeah I would agree the body language is definitely a little tense even though they were both making an effort to keep it as friendly as possible on the service. Now area and get back to Syria again because -- -- a reference -- video that appears to show a Syrian rebel eating a -- government soldier now. First call was this a legitimate video and what was his larger message about why Moscow is backing the Asad regime. That's right -- Fire couldn't references video we heard yesterday in a press conference to really sort of showcase the barbaric. Behavior really being demonstrated by by some within this conflict in Syria now as far as whether or not the video is legitimate that's still up for some question but. The video does show a very horrifying scene. Of an opposition -- essentially. Eating eating another soldier for for lack of a better way of explaining it but. Who brings this up as a way of saying this is why he doesn't want to support the opposition is why he backs his Scott regime he's as disappointed the US and appointed to the Obama administration to say why would you want to support these people why would you want to. Send arms and more help. Did -- people who are behaving like this but again this just shows how complicated and difficult the situation really is on the ground and how dire the situation really is Tonya. Complicated and dire indeed and -- have it was we do have some new comments from -- -- -- today. With strongly denying any connection to China -- any idea that he made from fleeing to China. What is the big take away from his latest interview. And that he is is on man -- continues to be to this personal US a wasn't aware he is exactly and haven't had any luck in tracking down the point he made it -- -- -- -- China here to be -- -- he wouldn't be. Have gone -- Hong Kong's first which is technically not part of China only for foreign policy purposes this and independence there that complicates actually. Any effort to move forward. And I think. Generally he's out there saying he's still going to be operating in this has more documents out there has more information out there you have Vice President Dick Cheney former vice president. Suggests on one of the -- -- -- has just yesterday that that there could be closer ties with China. Than he's letting on the China issue has been so wrapped up in the Snowden. Information that's come out that's the tuition is do seem to be intertwined I think it's no -- for his part though it's pushing back on and saying look he's out this. Not to work with any government for the -- -- journalists in the it was getting information out his intention here. Not to help a particular government but the shine a light on these practices. Anything that is your read on up -- -- -- matched his intention is truly batteries and has another agenda. Well I don't know I think he can have the agenda that that he's talked about a trying to put the information out there have been several live someplace. And he has landed in jail Lawrence's life you have to assume and he's talked about even in this in his latest that web chat that he did for the guardian newspaper talked about how. He's not let the US just murder him more Dillard or take him into custody so. He's obviously thinking about what his next step is we don't know what that is yet and I think. That move because it has ramifications with different countries in this political ramifications where is he gonna live again. That move I think is very much wrap up as motivation. He will certainly be like closely aren't married this kind of international incident let's talk about President -- and the case of the maybe stolen it may be given that the Super Bowl ring. How the Russians responded to this rather strange story. That's Russian President Clinton is being accused of stealing -- -- -- a Super Bowl ring excuse me not headline you normally expect to see. Now of that band ring of the New England Patriots coach he said he showed it to Russian President Putin and -- the president walked out what that surrounded by his own his own guards. And that essentially -- it now into the course he didn't steel company has offered to pay for. -- in very very interesting -- there were some reports that Bob -- Was asked by the Bush Administration to key story under wraps you know do you think -- that president Obama's folks wished that he kept quiet about it if indeed this is what happened. I think that that US Russian relations are still better served if you don't have the owner of an American sports franchise accusing. The president of Russia that yes I think that they would rather. Not deal with this given all the other all the other issues that are out there are not clear exactly why -- why Bob Kraft decided to go public with his version of events. Of course this ring resides somewhere in Russia right now on display it is there's no. Since that is going to be returned and there was no joking about that either right now -- any ring jokes coming out of president Obama's now. No absolutely not they're joking about that -- married finally -- little bit about the Obama family trip. To -- and that we understand there's a family connection. -- this something of a homecoming for the president of course we know him as President Obama here here is known as the president O apostrophe about how the president was busy today in summit meetings his. His wife the First Lady and his daughters Malia and Sasha were actually able to get a look at some of the -- documenting their lineage the Obama family tree. President Obama's great great great great great grandmother -- -- -- gotten upgrades in there to increase. Grandfather. Resided -- -- from the town of about Molly out here in Ireland and he in the -- we're actually able to don't visit that town two years ago when they were here now they brought the daughters here. And they -- in -- joined by one of their distant cousins. He's known here as as cousin Henry the eighth big -- he's one of Obama's eight -- so is there a lot of politics going on here but something of a little bit of a family reunion authority. Of thought claim to fame being president Obama's -- -- -- and -- -- ABC news political director Rick Klein an ABC news White House reporter Mary Bruce thanks to both of you. Thank you. And for more on the opening day of the G-8 summit check out abcnews.com. I'm Tanya -- in new York and hasn't been an ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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