October 27, 1985: News Headlines

U.S. officials investigate after a Ukrainian sailor jumped from his Soviet ship in American waters.
3:18 | 10/27/15

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Transcript for October 27, 1985: News Headlines
Mom ABC news world. Whose son back tears Sam Donaldson. Good evening a young Ukrainian sailor is the object of a Tug of war tonight between US and Soviet officials and an incident haunting but with the haunting sense of deja Vu. The young Seaman jumped from his Soviet ship in New Orleans harbor but Soviet sailors were allowed the dragon back aboard kicking and screaming. Now US officials are trying to interview the semen to find out if he was trying to defect but Soviet ship officers are resisting the effort. More on the story from Sheila cast. The Reagan administration wants very much to keep the Soviet sailors dilemma from escalating into a big issue a few weeks before the US Soviet summit. It needn't. Clearly there are more profound issues to be focused upon right now. It's likely nothing is more profound to the unidentified Ukrainian sailor who jumped this Soviet grain ship the MV Marshall Kanye have on Thursday night. He was apprehended by police who could not understand him because he spoke no English and turned him over to the Border Patrol. On Friday when US authorities were returning him to the Soviet ship he jumped from the launch. He made it to shore where he was apprehended by US officials and hauled screaming back to the Soviet ship. US officials are on board the ship but so far no word that the impasse over talking to the Seaman a neutral setting has been broken. There was a daring armed robbery this morning in Paris that it shocked the art world. Gunman held up the mama -- museum where major works of impressionist paintings were hanging and made off with nine of the priceless canvases. Details on what happened from Greg Dobbs in Paris. A gray sedan double parked out front at least four men got out and burst into this museum housing the works donated by the family. Of Claude Monet. Two with their pistols held visitors and staff on the floor at bay and the others went straight to the most important gallery and in five minutes the job was done. Nine impressionist treasures had been pulled from the walls nine paintings valued at least at over twelve million dollars and simply called by some. In festival. This was the most valuable and the most cherished. Claude Monet had captured more than a century ago this moment of sunshine this instant of light and called it impression sunrise. There's good news and bad news on the hurricane front tonight hurricane Nellie in the Pacific has veered away from the Hawaiian Islands and is now expected to miss them. The tropical storm Juan in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico has been upgraded to hurricane status. It's 75 mile an hour winds are moving northward toward the Texas Louisiana coasts. Then there's the story of the misdirected sanitation. The wayward whale in plain English. Humphrey the wayward whale may be on his way back to see for real. Moving down the Sacramento River followed by a flotilla of boats and about four not a dollar only thirty some odd miles from the golden gate bridge and the open sea. Company took a wrong turn while migrating to Mexico and he went up the river instead of down the coast. That's our report for tonight Tom Jerrold we'll have more news later on the weekend report I'm Sam Donaldson. For all of us here at ABC news good night. From Washington this has banned world news Sunday.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"U.S. officials investigate after a Ukrainian sailor jumped from his Soviet ship in American waters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"34766688","title":"October 27, 1985: News Headlines","url":"/US/video/october-27-1985-news-headlines-34766688"}