All 4 officers charged in George Floyd’s death

Second and third-degree murder and manslaughter charges have been filed against Derek Chauvin, the officer who prosecutors say held his knee on Floyd's neck.
14:41 | 06/03/20

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Transcript for All 4 officers charged in George Floyd’s death
And ABC news special report. Now reports. George Stephanopoulos. Good afternoon we'll coming on the air and Allen breaking news in the killing of George Floyd who died on Memorial Day there you see him right there. His death. After being held by officers you see them right there for officers there in Minneapolis. His cries I can breeze sparking cries of protests across the country over the last nine days in now. It Minnesota attorney general Keith Ellison is not the charges will be filed against all four officers. There are children had been charged with second degree manslaughter and third agreements and third degree murder now he's being charged with second degree murder. The other two offices you saw a right there who were also holding down George Floyd are also being charged with aiding and abetting. Second degree manslaughter and murder that's Thomas Duane Alexander Colin. And tell attack the fourth officer they're standing to the left will also be charged with second degree. Murder and manslaughter want to go to Alex Perez on the scene there in Minneapolis were expecting to hear from the attorney general Alex within the hour. Yeah that's right George these upgraded charges against officer Derek shoving and that charges against the other three officers are white. Protesters thousands of protesters and the family of George Floyd have been demanding for the last week and the court of public opinion it seems they want of these charges a long time ago now the court of law catching up. With them charging these officers the family had been demanding for first degree charges but the attorney general. Has said multiple times of first degree murder charges in this case is it very difficult to prosecute. He has said several times that he was reviewing all of the evidence and going to upgrade the charges. Two. Place that he felt would be best able to prosecuting a port of law and now we're seeing. That that officer officer Derek shoving the officer seen with his knee on George Floyd for eight minutes and 46 seconds. Now charged with second degree. Murder those other officers. Charge for their roles they're seen in that video to of those officers you can see in the video with their knees also on George Floyd's it back now. According to the autopsy that was performed by the family. Those doctors said that they believe those officers' they had their knees. On his back also impacted his breathing and they believe that back. Lead can cause. His death I want to give you an idea George of this scene here this is where it all happened it was. Just that to the side here telephony behind those that red threat orange sort of fencing there that is where George Floyd's. Body lies and you can see their side number of balloons and flowers here it has become a memorial and you can see all of the people here thousands of people have been coming here the last week. To pay their last respects including of course his brother Terrance who ferry emotionally came here. And laid on the ground right there at that spot where he took his last rats. And prayed. To his brother he prayed that he would give him strength he prayed that he would. Be able to bring change his brother also here. From that spot. Earlier today from this but we also saw his son Quincy who came here for the very first time. To not only address the protesters but he kneeled down and he also prayed to his father. There are attorney Ben Grubbs both here the address the crowd and they said that these charges were something the family. He wanted to see well before the memorial that is scheduled to be held here. In Minneapolis and tomorrow afternoon they said it was important. As they head to this memorial to remember their loved one that they understand and that they know in their heart that these officers had been charged and that's what we're seeing right here right. Now George expressed thanks for doing on the phone now by Benjamin Crump the lawyer for. The Floyd family mr. com thank you for joining us your reaction to these new charges. Whether ration is the Fam is relieved George bad attorney general Keith Ellison worked expeditiously. To make sure these offices would be arrested. Before they began to memorialize. George slower Samara. Here in Minneapolis Minnesota. And they are thankful to all the people who used their forces to demand equal justice. And and then there how is the Floyd family doing now mr. crime. They're doing as well as can be expatriates consider embed they're preparing. To lady join us too rare us. Even though they never could have run imagined. Day he words dust such a horrible guilt George. It is you could and they your worst nightmare. I imagine there. Your love or what. At the hands of the at least the people look sworn to protect and serve him. Where spirit Neil his manic and to meet and is back. Where he was starving for air and he date stamped on them I can't breed and they offer him no humanity. So. About pathologists. Independent pathologist doctor Michael five and and Dodd ratio will soon concluded joyous. From mechanical asphyxiation. He would starve equipped air. He needed a breath. So Georgia's. Spam as Aston. And I am implored everybody to take a breath. For Pete's this week take a breath with justice this week. Take a breath to help heal our factually but most importantly. Take a breath for George floored. Edgy as you know mr. crime visited this is just the beginning of the process for filing the charges against the officers what more do you and Floyd family. I think needs to happen for justice to be served in this case. Well we think this should be a tip important for America. We finally. Acknowledged that there are two. Different justice systems in America want for Black America there waffle white America that we pass to. Elaborate he quit justice for the United States of America. All of its citizens. And that is Doug hope there. It's not just about George but it's also about Rihanna Taylor. Who birthday with Biel Bradley she was executed in who had dipped in Turkey in this thing to do here for our own apartment about police. There's about a my thoughtfully it's about also made it the countless past. There are killed the modular lives in light in India where they never get that Jeffs is there. Thomas Jefferson talked about when he's there we hold these truths. All men are created equally. Benjamin comes thank you very much for time this morning I know you have some heavy days ahead and bring in our Chief Justice correspondent up here Thomas for more on this as well. Pier one of the things we heard from Keith Ellison the attorney general Minnesota as he was contemplating bringing these charges he was cautioned the public. These cases are difficult to win. They are indeed George because. Part of what you have to do is get into the mind of the officers what was there in tent where they trying to kill him. Where they trying to do it now. The time lapse is going to be critical and I think you're probably going to see the attorney general for the state of Minnesota speaks of that issue in terms are upgrading the charges to the second degree murder charge. But there's also a parallel federal investigation going on by the FBI the Justice Department one of the things sources are emphasizing there as well. You have to be able to prove that the officers intended to violate the rights. Mr. Floyd. That George last week when the charges were announced against the first officer who had his knee on the back of the neck of mr. Floyd there was element in the case that. Got overlooked by a number of people it shows that for some reason again we don't know what the reason was. Was race in borrow unclear. They viewed mr. Floyd has Brett very quickly because I was looking at the complaining that says quote one of the officers identified as officer laying quote. Began speaking with missed a flow. And as he did so he pulled out his gun. And pointed it at mr. Floyd's open window and directed mr. Floyd to sue is here. Now remember the key here is that mr. Poole was being accused at that point using counterfeit cash. Videotape almost nine minutes on the whole country is now a scene at time and time. And time again. That has you've got to believe that that could be. Eminently persuasive to a jury. Absolutely George where these shows that the officer had time to think about it. I was talking to a former law enforcement official last night who's been involved in arrest before he said Pierre. When you have your meal on someone like ignorant physical contact you can literally would feel the person breathing you can live literally feel their body. And he said when you have that amount of time. That is something that the prosecutors are going to focus on over and over again shall. And talk a little bit more about war spending up from the federal government civil rights. An investigation of course you're seeing new calls across the country now in in Washington for more for reforms of policing including potentially a ban. I'm those kind of choke holds those kinds of restraints you see the officer he is right there. Yes or dirt. Who hears a KV the Justice Department investigation the FBI investigation. Again is parallel to the state case. They're looking for additional videos they're talking to all the witnesses that were involved in the case and they're doing a very detailed background check. On all these offices looking at the kinds of complaints if any that were filed against them. Looking at whether those complaints involved bias that will give them a sense a weather again that. They had a issue with black people in terms of how this arrest was made or not and as you said this particular type of hold. Which but Justice Department has done a study about a few years ago expressing concern that it was problematic for many years so I'm not a number of departments have. Been moving away from that kind of hold and I think now that you've seen this kind of horrific death. But the very least any departments is again now have to be second guessing. He's okay you're Kelly thanks very much for your senior White House correspondent Sicilian Vegas say the president's been active on Twitter for much of the last 24 hours any reaction yet. To these charges. And I get George had but you know we did just wrap up a press briefing at the White House that really. With the Press Secretary they really gets at the heart of what mr. Crump was just telling you that this is a tipping point for the country. And that he and thus thousands but tens of thousands of people that we have seen march across this country day in and day out for the past week. Are demanding that did these institutional. Racism questions of racism in the institution and the justice system. Be addressed and and we're not hearing that coming from the White House. At this point anyway in fact the Press Secretary was repeatedly asked just a few minutes ago whether president trump believes that there is an institutional problem. Whether black Americans are treated differently by the justices in. By law enforcement. And she would say simply that she believes that the president believes that there are instances. Of injustice but she would not go as far. As to say whether there's an institutional problem and frankly George that is something I think that will be frustrating it has been frustrating to many of the president's critics they have been looking. To hear him go further a step further and at least. Talk less about the division that we've been hearing from him and the narrative and not front for the now last couple days of and hear more of of a unification message and address some of these reeling knee issues of this country's facing right now. Let me bring in thank you so let me Rayner chief White House correspondent John -- for more on this as well the president whose team -- been resisting calls for an Oval Office address on this matter of course he still dealing. With the fallout from that walked to saint John's church of the day and the fact that protesters are cleared out of Lafayette park two to facilitate. The photo op and now he's responding to new comments from his Defense Secretary. And the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff about that about how they view this situation. We'll be Defense Secretary more Gaspar held a press conference George earlier today. Where he seemed to be walking back some of his involvement in this specifically on the march. The walk over to us saint John's church the Defense Secretary said after some comments suggesting he didn't even know where there were going said he didn't know where they were going. But he did not know that it was for the purposes. Of a photo op he also. Said they he is opposed to the idea of end of invoking the insurrection act. That is the eighteen to vote 1807. Acts that would allow. The president to deploy active duty military to the two American streets. To enforce order something did the president suggested on Monday that he would do if governors didn't make use of the National Guard. Kasper said he opposes that and we saw some extraordinary push back off from the White House just a short while ago at the press briefings Press Secretary Kelly Mack and he. Said twice. That the president has the sole authority to invoke the U insurrection act suggesting I didn't matter watch other Defense Secretary thought of that. And it although he doesn't see a need to do it at this moment that he certainly doesn't rule out doing it and then asked whether or not the president still has confidence. In his Defense Secretary George and I heard one of the weakest. It's yours I have heard to that question a question gets asked. Often win a member of the cabinet is is under fire. Killing American and his answer was that secretary Casper is still secretary Caspar. And if that changes that we will know about it in the future we're hardly a ringing. A statement of support for the Defense Secretary. Okay Jacko was still anticipates a way for any reaction from president trump to this news coming out of the state of Minnesota the chargers now have been filed against all four officers involved. In the killing of George Floyd including upgrading the charges against officer Derek children who have been the unemployed snack. Now charged with second degree murder the attorney general will be speaking before will be carrying out an ABC news live of course a full wrap up tonight on world news tonight were giving her. Have a good afternoon. This has been a special report from ABC news.

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