Officers involved in killing of Breonna Taylor speak out

Protesters take to the streets as Louisville awaits to hear if the officers involved in Taylor’s shooting will be charged.
3:32 | 09/23/20

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Transcript for Officers involved in killing of Breonna Taylor speak out
And now to Louisville, Kentucky where the for the first time we are hearing from one of the officers involved in the fatal shooting up Rihanna Taylor. In an email the officer writes about that night and his thoughts on the protests that followed. This is the city's under state of emergency ahead of a decision on whether some of those officers will be charged Alex Perez is in Louisville with the latest. Overnight the protesters in downtown little. Marching past barricades have boarded up businesses the mayor declaring a state of emergency has the city braces for a decision on possible. Criminal charges against the officers involved in the fatal shooting up Rihanna Taylor my hope is that we will continue to see. Peaceful lawful protest one of the officers involved for the first time speaking out to Sargent Jonathan Mattingly who was shot in the leg during the botched raid. At Taylor's home in March sending an email to over a thousand Ellen PD personnel early Tuesday morning in the email obtained by ABC affiliate WHAS. Mattingly telling his fellow officers. You do not deserve to be in this position the position that allows thugs to get in your faith in yell curse and degree that you threw bricks bottles and urine argue and expect you to do nothing. Mattingly also writing I know we did the legal moral and ethical thing that night. It's how the good guys are demonizing criminals are canonized. As attorney defending the email saying he was expressing his support for his police colleagues activists to Mika Mallory who has led a massive social media campaign for charges against the officers. Also on the ground here preparing for a decision if you. Don't ahead. A situation where they are charges brought against those cops in you don't start the process the real process to -- justice for Rihanna Taylor. Now express joins me now from blue bell Alex good morning there are already some protests there we're hearing. What's the tone like. Debt Diana did take a look behind me here first the volume came home these boarded up buildings here this is what a lot of businesses look like. There are barricades. As twos so to seminaries you have to get there by foot that's the only way and they'll. Vehicle traffic is allowed and yes there are some protests there in fact have been a protest here in little wool since the march back when Rihanna Taylor was killed the majority of those protests. Have been peaceful and that's what we have seen the last couple of days here. Dozens of people gathering probably more than a hundred of them last night but that protests have been peaceful of the marches have been peaceful and authorities. Are hoping that is going to continue. When we learned of a decision but of course they're preparing for anything and Diane. An out any sense of when those potential charges or the decision not to charge will be announced. Yeah that is the big question right now Diane and we haven't talked to Bree honest family we have talked to city officials and everyone seems that tell us the exact same thing that they do not know when exactly that decision is going to come down the attorney general is going to announce that decision once a grand jury. Reaches a decision but the grand jury is operating on its own timetable they are entitled to digest evidence to. Talk about what they are hearing so they're going did. Say they are ready and when they are and we just don't know when that's going to be just yet Diane. We will continue to wait as patiently as possible Allen's Phares. And Lou will Forrest thanks Alex.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"Protesters take to the streets as Louisville awaits to hear if the officers involved in Taylor’s shooting will be charged. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73193034","title":"Officers involved in killing of Breonna Taylor speak out","url":"/US/video/officers-involved-killing-breonna-taylor-speak-73193034"}