Officials in El Paso and Dayton react to Trump's scheduled visit

El Paso County commissioner David Stout said it's "not a good idea" for President Trump to come to El Paso, and Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley says Trump's "rhetoric has been painful in our community."
4:25 | 08/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Officials in El Paso and Dayton react to Trump's scheduled visit
Like to start a down and El Paso, Texas we're joined now by a passing that Al paso county commissioner David stout who represents the precinct. Out where this shooting took place also. Where president from visited back in February David it's great to see you in our condolences again to you and I your community. How we all do and today. Well you know are there where where we're still struggling you know this is. Very resilient community. But this is something that's that's going to be very hard to to come back from we will. But it's it's really soon it's it's really soon I think you know. Yesterday we just received a list of all of the folks have lost their lives. In this tragedy and and now we funeral. Planning starts and then we're looking at just how how the community can move forward together and best support the victims and their families. President trump is planning to visit Don El Paso and Dayton Ohio tomorrow as well to show his support. And expressed his grief with the victims you just talked about our commissioner. Do you have any sense of what he will do who he will meet with du plan to see him how will he be welcomed down there. You know I I don't plan to see him I'm not sure what his itinerary is going to be I've heard rumors about. You know things about him wanting to meet with the victims' families and and maybe. Going to the hospitals. But you know I think that this community is. You know still still a lot of pain and others are gaping wound that is still open here and a lot of us feel like his presence in this community tomorrow. It's just going to be throwing Salton that wound you know regardless what happened here on Saturday. He has constantly demonized and vilified. He's the type of people to live in this community values. Started his campaign by calling Mexicans rapists and murders. He questions the credibility of a federal judge just because of the fact that he's Mexican. You know he is treated. Hundreds or thousands of times talking about this pose an invasion on behalf of the Hispanic people. United and and just a couple of days ago we heard him at a rally when he was. Yes folks what do we do with these immigrants and somebody yelled out shoot them he laughed at. There regardless of what happened here on Saturday I don't understand why in the world. Anybody would think to be a good idea for him to you know. Paso Texas. It sounds like got a lot of your fellow El Paso ones are also feeling that way as well. It commissioners doubt before we let you go is there anything that our viewers can do to support your community do you want us. To take away if we could do to help. Well I deny I think by. Folks lifting up their voices in and talking to their own elected officials. Both on the federal level of and at a state level to start. Really. Asking for changes in this country when it comes to gun violence. Denouncing. Patriot denouncing racism denouncing domestic terrorism. Recognizing it for what it is then and really in for for us here in El Paso you there live if people. Funded in the hearts students and donate. Time money there there is being the El Paso community foundation. Has stated fund that has been set up and if anybody would like to help that way I think this really what would greatly appreciate. Your. Appreciate you sir thanks for your time a paso county commissioner David stout thank you David. Did Dayton's mayor Nan Whaley was also speaking out today on the state of her community just days after this double tragic shootings. Here's what she had to say about the state of her community right now and the president's visit tomorrow to Ohio. He you know he's made this bed he's got to lie in it you know yet it. His rhetoric has been painful for many in our community. And I think that people should stand up and say they're not happy about. But I'm disappointed with his remarks I mean I think they've solved don't really short he mentioned by gun issues onetime. I think you know watching the president of the past few years pitches guys he's been.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"El Paso County commissioner David Stout said it's \"not a good idea\" for President Trump to come to El Paso, and Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley says Trump's \"rhetoric has been painful in our community.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64813936","title":"Officials in El Paso and Dayton react to Trump's scheduled visit","url":"/US/video/officials-el-paso-dayton-react-trumps-scheduled-visit-64813936"}