Oklahoma City Spokesman Details Timeline of Airport Shooting

Captain Paco Balderrama discusses the latest information about the shooting incident at Will Rogers Airport.
6:27 | 11/16/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oklahoma City Spokesman Details Timeline of Airport Shooting
Hey good morning everyone. I am captain talk of are among the public information officer for the NC police department. First name is PC EO last name is BA LD ER are aiming. This is in reference to homicide number 64 the incident that we had yesterday. And that will Rogers world airport. Yesterday at about 1215 the open seat which was police department responded to a shooting at the will Rogers world airport. Upon our arrival. We identified. The employee of Southwest Airlines who was the victim of the shooting. His name is Michael Winchester. He was located on the east side of terminal drive and his believe that the victim was shot as he was leaving work and walking through its call. Mr. Winchester was transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced deceased. Police officers quickly swept the immediate area looking for any possible additional victims or the suspect. They also searched the bag equal baggage claim area the ticket counter. In the garage areas for any other possible individuals involved in this crime. Initially there was a report that there was a second victim and that was proved to be inaccurate. Officers located a suspicious vehicle parked on the east side. Of the five story parking garage specifically speaking the second level from the top. This vehicle was described as the red pick up truck the vehicle with security and it was later preached by the NC police tactical unit. And the officers did find the body of the suspect inside with an apparent gunshot wound to head. Although it's still leery early in this investigation detectives working this case are able to have been able to determine. That the suspect was an ex employee of southwest air out. He resigned from his job in April 2015. And his believe the crime was premeditated. And that the suspect armed himself and went to the airport with the intention of shooting someone. We do not know if mr. Winchester was intended victim. But it is possible that the suspect acted in retaliation. Against the circumstances leading up to his resignation. After the crime scene was secured and the airport was reopened detectives did serve a search warrant. At the suspect's residence which is 2409 stuff was a hundred there. He questions. The name of the suspect is Lloyd dean bullied. And last name is BUIE. He's a white male 527 obscenity. I'm not checked as fires. Yeah when he resigned in April 2015 that's when the point on this. I don't know what his job ones whose duties. It. So it's a five story parking garage is ten to be the fourth level up. And it was a shot of about approximately fifty yards and we do believe that he used it right. Yes April 20 fifteens were news. You know the the information I have right now from B report is that mr. Winchester was not. The suspects immediate surprise. What this point we just don't know. We know his intentions and were due to go to the airport and hurt someone needed we don't know that was is intended target or he meant to. For anyone else obviously he I shot himself afterwards so perhaps not. I don't having information about that. There. Welcome to those particular. Oh yeah I don't know what his job was I don't know what he did I just know that he's an ex employee of Southwest Airlines. As as was the victim the victim was the current I'm points out. Yes. Now he was he was in the main parking lot area. But obviously the suspect knew where the employee's parked and where they would be walking to and from there their vehicles through the main terminal. That's another that's another one of the reasons why we believe that this was meditated and very much attention. I don't know what kind of what. I don't Ahmanson's. It up. We we don't know exactly but obviously we're we're trying to get those facts. Hopefully video surveillance tool will help us with that with Tommy pulled into the parking garage. But again keep in mind that it may not have been that long as he did know the times when people came in. And left to work. There's a lot of surveillance video that we. New questions. If you're. Well it it would definitely required the familiarity with a rifle. You know you'd you don't have to be an expert marksman. If it Yorke shot but it's not it's not an easy shot I. I don't know the number weapons or what types of weapons I was to look there was at least the murder weapon found which was described as a right. I don't know it be it would be very difficult make that shot without some type of optical. I don't have information I don't know where the victim shot. Anything else. And thank you very much.

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{"duration":"6:27","description":"Captain Paco Balderrama discusses the latest information about the shooting incident at Will Rogers Airport.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"43579032","title":"Oklahoma City Spokesman Details Timeline of Airport Shooting","url":"/US/video/oklahoma-city-spokesman-details-timeline-airport-shooting-43579032"}