Oklahoma Couple Fear Russia's Adoption Ban

Patrick and Jan Griffin's adoption plans might be jeopardized by new Russian law.
1:28 | 12/27/12

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Transcript for Oklahoma Couple Fear Russia's Adoption Ban
Catcher -- and -- -- two months into a long process of adopting a child from Russia -- recent news from Russia's parliament is not -- they'd like to hear. -- notebooks no question the upper chamber of Russia's parliament has voted unanimously in favor of being new bill. That would be -- US citizens from adopting Russian children. It's heartbreaking process because -- -- are preparing our home not remodeling campaigning here are buying furniture anything but just for prairie. The emotional state of our home and of ourselves and of of our children were. The the -- going to occur. -- -- -- grew up -- -- city but talented Oklahoma with her husband and three kids her brother died and his wife Lisa live in Orange City. And they've already adopted a child from rush up. He's part of -- began. It took them two years to finally get him over here and they say he was well worth the wait. Appear to understand you're going to be challenges can be tough case going to be a lot of work. And you know in the end it's gonna be really fantastic. So yeah. But for now the Griffin's we'll just have to wait and see. You hope it is not it works and just you know. It is it it is simply that is an obstacle to hello I have read it you know big -- we simply do not know it it's that it is the fear of the unknown.

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{"id":18075554,"title":"Oklahoma Couple Fear Russia's Adoption Ban","duration":"1:28","description":"Patrick and Jan Griffin's adoption plans might be jeopardized by new Russian law.","url":"/US/video/oklahoma-couple-fear-russias-adoption-ban-18075554","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}