OPINION: LZ Granderson on the Orlando Shooting

"Politicians Need to Stop Using the Word 'Tragedy' to Describe Gun Violence"
3:14 | 06/14/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for OPINION: LZ Granderson on the Orlando Shooting
The bloated program to victims we washed away the tears of spam your friends will eventually dry. Vigils will be held songs will be strong. And just as soon leaders or politician were issued statements with the words thoughts and prayers somewhere in the text there will be another mass shooting. At this point to only be unbelievable to me about the massacre and Orlando is that our elected officials continue to use the word tragedy. Describing gun violence. We're only halfway through June and the nation had already witnessed a 135. Mass shootings before the gunman in Orlando cured at least 49 people. According to grow and violence are cards. How. With the events of this nature of current was such regularity. Anyone in congress can describe what happened at pulse nightclub as a tragedy. Is what I've far and unbelievable. A year ago this mark a man was accused of walking into an historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina killing nine people. In 2012. Or men walked into a movie theater in a war Colorado and killed twelve. That same year another man walked into an elementary school and a small town of Connecticut and opened fire on six and seven year olds. Frantic parents gather outside the school each hoping their children would not among the twenty who were killed along with six school staff members. Much like appearance in early Sunday waited eight SP are spread to gay bar in Orlando. Yet we're to believe lawmakers were somehow blinds by the by the event. As have been aren't you angry man walk into a public space with an assault rifle and some heard or even on Carmen. Since that sandy hook school shooting in December 2000 world. The Karachi has averaged nearly ones who suiting per week according to every terrible gun safety. Which researchers darn violence and advocates for gun control. But still we have leaders continued to describe into threw the gun violence without mentioning guns. House leader Paul Ryan sweet hearted to word statement about you'll random shooting. He had no problem mentioning the word terrorist but did not use the word darn ones. In 2013. Their world indeed terrible live by senator Dianne Feinstein of California to band to sort of assault rifles used in new term. And now Orlando. But it failed. On Tuesday some democratic senators called for preventing builds on a federal terror watch list from Bahrain terms. Will be of paths we're not sure. What unfortunately we are served there will be more blood spill. More tutors blowing. Visuals. And salts. I am so sick of closing my eyes for a moment of silence normally when it opened them nothing would change. Thoughts and prayers are meant to be beginning of a grieving process. Not an excuse for an accident or even the answer to the question we find ourselves asking. Week after week. After week. Why. Does this keep happening.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"\"Politicians Need to Stop Using the Word 'Tragedy' to Describe Gun Violence\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"39858389","title":"OPINION: LZ Granderson on the Orlando Shooting","url":"/US/video/opinion-lz-granderson-orlando-shooting-39858389"}