The Wrap: 6/10/2014

Oregon School Shooting, Iraqi City Seized, Hillary Clinton Interview, Donald Sterling to Sue NBA
2:08 | 06/10/14

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Transcript for The Wrap: 6/10/2014
The gunman -- the high school shot one student and fortunately that student has. -- actually. The gunman is also deceased that deadly incident in Afghanistan five American troops killed it looks like friendly fire they were ambushed by the Taliban so they called -- air support there was some. Miscommunication. Clearly the bomb was dropped on the wrong. One of the largest cities in Iraq appears to have fallen to al-Qaeda insurgents have taken control. A government buildings and the airport in -- Are we remain concerned about this recent round. A major blow to Iraq's central government. Came out of the White House not only dead -- but in death -- Many Americans are in the same situation but they know they don't. Have a book just a reality what we face something like twelve million dollars and yes we had to just keep working really hard but I worry a lot about people in our country who don't have the same opportunities that. That -- is an inevitable part of constantly must send up. Message around the world there is no disgrace in being a survivor of sexual violence and change something -- A Florida teen in huge trouble now accused of pointing a laser lighted to sheriff's helicopters the nineteen year old could face federal charges. Another breaking although perhaps not shocking story clippers owner Donald Sterling has changed. Mind again he now says he won't be selling the team and he will be suing the NBA has kind enough to give us some time. At his house to answer some of those questions is a rental house -- -- I just want to be clear my lease runs out about two and a half years. Get -- and -- when we're born conjoined eighteen years later the twins who were successfully separated at ten months. They are co valedictorian. Of their high school class -- and a hammonds. Don't expect the worst I help helps people and it's anything just like this story -- and smiled when everything's bad.

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{"id":24078752,"title":"The Wrap: 6/10/2014","duration":"2:08","description":"Oregon School Shooting, Iraqi City Seized, Hillary Clinton Interview, Donald Sterling to Sue NBA","url":"/US/video/oregon-school-shooting-iraqi-city-seized-hillary-clinton-24078752","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}