Oregon School Shooting Leaves Two Dead

Troutdale Police Chief Scott Anderson says he has tentative details on the shooter’s identity and the weapon used.
13:02 | 06/10/14

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Transcript for Oregon School Shooting Leaves Two Dead
This is a special group. Today is a very tragic day for the city of drug bill and Reynolds school district. A gunman entered the high school this morning. Shot one student. And fortunately that student has died. The gunman was located. And the gunman is also deceased. -- dale organ police chief Scott Anderson speaking earlier today I'm Michelle Franzen -- New York with this ABC news digital special report. The Trout dale police are holding a second media briefing President Obama has been briefed on the situation in the meantime the latest on this morning's deadly high school shooting. From ABC news is Mary Bruce. Fear and panic at an -- high school as a shooter opens fire it's an all too familiar scene this is a very. Tragic day. One -- I had hoped would never ever be. Part of my experience. It was shortly after 8 AM when police responded to reports of shots fired at Reynolds high school outside Portland. Officials from multiple agencies racing to the scene the school on lockdown. One student was shot and killed. Hundreds of students being led out of harm's way evacuating with their hands held over their heads. Anguished parents rushing to find their children. It was a release it really scary all you can do is just think about if they're going to be safe. You know what kind of danger there and the shooter is confirmed dead and the situation now stabilized. I don't know where my son is at this time -- and I'm glad to know that they have the gunman but I want my sentiment dissension. Now the initial indication is that there are no other injuries but this is an ongoing investigation. Officials are now working to get all of the students out of the school and reunited with their parents Mary Bruce ABC news Los Angeles. And the Trout -- organ police department is holding its second media update -- today let's listen in. Good afternoon we'll start today the same format as this morning. -- Good afternoon. We'll start today. Same -- and -- this morning we'll have chief. Scott Anderson from the -- -- police department speak first and then Linda Florence the superintendent. The Reynolds school district will talk and the mayor Doug doused succeed travail -- Merrill get back to that. Unfortunately we had a very tragic incident this morning it Reynolds high school. One student. Is deceased as a result of a lone gunman who entered the school. The lone gunman. Was also. Deceased at the scene. We -- in the process of notifying the next of can it. For both. We have tentatively identified the shooter. But were not confident enough at this point to reveal the details. I can tell you that the weapon that was used is a rifle. In addition one teacher was. Injured. With nonlife threaten threatening injuries the teacher was treated at the scene. Not related to this incident and during the evacuation process. A gun was found on one person. This is not believed to be a part of the incidents. That person was taken into custody. The investigation will take some time as you can imagine. And we have several tactical teams working through this investigation at this time. For reunification for the families we have located they spotted. Wood village Fred Meyer for parents to respond to pick up their kids. I want to thank all the law enforcement agencies that came to assist us as well as the nongovernmental aid agencies such as the trauma intervention program. There will be several days of healing. An ongoing. Attention given to the students and the staff and anybody impacted by this tragedy. I also want to thank. Superintendent Florence. We have to school resource officers. And Reynolds high school they were the first responders. And -- responded immediately. -- and another tactical team brought this to conclusion and I can't thank them enough. Now elected introduce the superintendent. -- and Linda Florence. This is such a tragedy my heart goes out. To the individuals involved. And to their parents. I too want to. Especially thinks. To our first responders. -- -- school resource officers. And for our students and -- who did some real quick thinking and went into lockdown within seconds. Of hearing about the active shooter. That's the want to thank -- students and staff and teachers who did an excellent job. -- call the job of evacuating the school today. And for implementing. All of our safety procedures. That we have in the school. Parents are meeting their students and our Fred Meyer. Wood village. Parking lots. And being checked out. With our school's staff. Students who need mental health. Someone to talk to we have lots of counselors available. And for students who are already at home. In need some additional pounds I had a phone call phone number for them to -- Multnomah County mental health. At 5039884888. Later today will be also notifying our parents and students. Of school closure. There are some things that we will have to do some work that has to be involved. And so later on today we will be notifying them -- -- So thank you. Hello I'm Doug Dallas the mayor of -- bill this has been a very unsettling day. For our. Precious city. I've been on the cell phone all morning -- with the national news media. As you can imagine. They've shown quite a bit of interest in what's going on in this small city suburb of Portland. I've been on the phone constantly. With the media back -- I really want to say though. That and -- shared with them that I am very impressed. With how the police handled this whole operation. I think going through a dry run for a few months ago helped. And the school police officers helped -- -- But I am very impressed with the cooperation amongst all the police departments. That showed up. And there were a lot of I was watching on the news to see how many. Police departments showed up along with the sheriff's department so my heart goes out to. All the found -- And that's all I have to say things. -- -- -- We'll have and other media briefing tentatively set for 4 PM this afternoon same location we'll let you know once we confirm that I do have a few things. -- Students with parents again is occurring at the wood village Fred Meyer parking lot. The parents if you're looking for more information about your students or have not been able to contact your student -- contact the Reynolds school district there may numbers 503661. 7200. But that is where we are taking the students to reunify with the parents and will be at the location and totally make -- -- has connected. The -- -- police department. And has set up day. Tip line four witnesses or anyone this scene that -- part of the -- and knows information about the incidents that number is 503. 2507943. Witnesses can call that line it is -- so there'll be somebody there. The -- moment county. Crisis line is also available for those that having mental health crises -- dealing with the dramatic. Lives reading experience and that number again as Linda mentioned is 503. 988. For aids aids aids now we also have area. -- set up at the Mount Hood Community Colleges now in place and from 1 PM to 7 PM crisis counselors will be at the Mount Hood gymnasium. If people want to stop bio -- And talk with one of the mental health counselors they're made up the more moment county Health Department the FBI victims' assistance team. As well as the Reynolds school district and the trauma intervention program. Volunteers they also have people -- there as well. That runs from 1 PM to 7 PM today and then it's going to reopen and be available 7 AM. To 7 PM tomorrow for anyone that wants to drop in and talk with -- -- are they are available. There's been a lot of misinformation about. When people can get their vehicles their backpacks out of the lot -- from the school. At this point time the investigation is continuing we do not expect to be able to be releasing vehicles backpacks until. Much later probably tomorrow at this point. So police. Once once we know we will announce that via the Reynolds school district as well as through the drought -- police say to CN -- county sheriff splashed color. -- -- -- -- I can confirm there was one shooter. One shooter the shooter is deceased and we're in the process of identifying that person and making notification so. Once that's then we can give you more details later on today it. At this point we're still confirming it with the identification of the individual once we know that then we can go to. We can give you further details that will be later on today where was this -- arrest -- -- the other person was arrested. My understanding during again during the course of the evacuation unrelated to the incidents. A person was located -- a firearm on them they were taken into custody and eventually. And it is unrelated to this incident and tired we have. Clinic that these. It all work on details for that later on today it will confirm -- arrest location. At one more question here. Those details will come out later today once we have more information and were available and have a confirmed to give to you it's a long lengthy investigation -- in that phase now and right now we're also concentrate on reuniting students with their parents and making sure they have resources available if they need them. Appreciate it wolf and we'll talk to you later today at 4 o'clock is -- -- next start the next freak you know what you know -- -- you know when we talk later today they. You have been listening to a press conference outside of Trout dale organ and now you're looking at live pictures. Of a parking lot less than two miles away where parents are being reunited. With students high school students from Reynolds. High school that was the scene this morning. Of a shooting there officials telling us that one gunman a lone gunman. Was shot and killed. And are killed and also that gunmen. Reportedly shot and killed one student there IDs. Not yet being released to the public officials say that they may have a tentative idea but they're also waiting to notify. -- Trout dale organ of course is sixteen miles east of Portland just outside it's about. A town of about 151000. And Reynolds high school makes up about 2800. Students so a live picture today a lot still unfolding in that community today. Shocked and rocked by this shooting today this has been an ABC news digital special report you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- And starring the story for exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"13:02","description":"Troutdale Police Chief Scott Anderson says he has tentative details on the shooter’s identity and the weapon used.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"24076847","title":"Oregon School Shooting Leaves Two Dead","url":"/US/video/oregon-school-shooting-troutdale-police-chief-tenative-details-24076847"}