New Orleans breathes a sigh of relief as Tropical Storm Harvey passes

ABC News' Steve Osunsami gives an update as New Orleans steels itself for hurricane season after Harvey.
3:35 | 08/26/17

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Transcript for New Orleans breathes a sigh of relief as Tropical Storm Harvey passes
Good day from New Orleans where the Big Easy is just back despite this hurricane that is come ashore they'll write a lot of concern about. New Orleans take a direct hit from the storm and what would have happened you can see canal street. There are tons of people out. They're not worried about the hurricane. Officials aren't as worried as they work two days ago when there was talk a several inches of rain now they're looking at may be anywhere from four to ten inches of rain over a course of a number of days but there is still the issue. Of the pumps in the city there are a 120. Pumps in New Orleans. Of those fourteen of them are not working we saw one that was working at it didn't look like it was in great shape. There is bidding war. Through the night to try to repair some of those bombs. In addition to those months there's also the concern about the storm drain just how. Any water that comes to this city will drain away there are some 151000. Drains. That are not working properly. Another 3500. That we're told are extremely clogged that have major major issues. The mayor of the world it's is taking a great deal of criticism about this for not having addressed this issue over the years and instead focusing on other issues. And residents of course are concerned that. That that that the drainage system actually hear works. Katrina looms large. Over residents here the anniversary is coming up in just a few days much of where we were standing the water was not too far away. And so so people who live in this town are very aware of Katrina very concerned about something like that happening again. And we are just sort of in the height of hurricane season there's also forced the risk that more storms could come this way. It's something that that people are constantly mindful. And that the city. Has to be prepared for to avoid another catastrophe. On the National Guard is not coming to New Orleans because that storm looks to be further to the west the National Guard colonel we talked to told us that. He is staying in Alexandria. But they are still on the ready and watching because half the potential of this storm. Coming back further out to sea possibly and then coming this way. Overall though I think that I can say that the people we talked with in both the parish and city leadership. RRR somewhat hopeful and cautiously optimistic. That this time. They may have dodged the big one there is still though again the concern about those pumps. Fourteen pumps that aren't working and we ran into some city workers today who told us that that's just what we're hearing. They're actually if they actually might be more bombs. That aren't working and that surprised happened due officials in Jefferson Parish. When they discovered that pumps that they thought would be on line. Were not during the storm recently. And I just want to underline that there was a storm here on August 5 irregular rainstorm was not a hurricane or tropical storm or anything like that. And parts of this city flooded it doesn't take much for city that is under sea level. To see some of its streets flood. During a storm. So again there's going to be more pressure on the city of the world lands and on the parishes that surround it. To step up their game one making sure that these pumps work. And making sure that the drainage systems work. Again on Steve most Sami we are live on canal street. With ABC news.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"ABC News' Steve Osunsami gives an update as New Orleans steels itself for hurricane season after Harvey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49442948","title":"New Orleans breathes a sigh of relief as Tropical Storm Harvey passes","url":"/US/video/orleans-breathes-sigh-relief-tropical-storm-harvey-passes-49442948"}