‘We will overcome’: Cuomo says New Yorkers are undefeatable

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the evidence suggests the density control plan in New York is working.
8:31 | 03/25/20

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Transcript for ‘We will overcome’: Cuomo says New Yorkers are undefeatable
We are brought uninteresting. News today things are moving. Current status. We still have to trajectory going up. We have not turned entered. Trajectory nor have we hit the apex remember where Federline is going to do what's going to go up from which a high points from the tip it's going to go back down but still on the way. Up the mountain. Number of infections that have been coming in 80% still self resolve. About 15%. Of the people who test positive. Require hospitalization. And then there are degrees of hospitalization. Great but the total universe. That requires house organization is 15%. Need. We used projection models. We have Cornell Wilde which is a great medical institution that does projection models we use McKinsey that those projection models department of health those projection models. The projection models are important because they are projecting the possible trajectory. And projecting the possible need right so we're planning for a need. The projection models do that. The projection models are just that they are models of projections they're not. Necessarily definitive but it's the only device that we have to plan. Cracked follow the data follow the data follow through data. The actual hospitalizations. Have moved at a higher rate then the projected models than roll the projector models. So that was obviously concerned. The evidence suggests. That the density control measures. May be worked through. And again we're doing this from projections. But look at this because its interest in. This past Sunday. The projection was that hospitalizations we're doubling every two days okay. On Monday and the numbers suggest that that the hospitalizations were doubling every 3.4. Days. On Tuesday. The projections suggested at the hospitalizations. Were doubling every four point seven days. Now. That is almost too good to be true. Thought. Bit theory is. Given the density that we're dealing with. It spreads very quickly. But if you reduce the density you can reduce the spread. Very quickly. Personal opinion. Why does New York cab so many more cases than any other state. How can it be your fifteen times the number. Of California. I mean it really is. Breathtaking when you think about it stripped Massachusetts with thirty times the number of cases. So why is the question that people ask me. Two answers it's a Warne is because when you. Welcome people. From across the glow. We have people coming here who we have people who came here from China who came here from Italy who came here crew. Countries all around the globe. We have international travelers. Who were in China and weren't Italy and who were in Korea and who came here. And I have no doubt that the virus was here much earlier than we even know. And I have no doubt that the virus was here much earlier than it wasn't any other states. Because those people come here first. Test the first dance. The second the answer is. Because we are close. Because we are close. We talk about. Did the virus and how it transfers in the dense area. It's literally because we are close. Because. We live close to one another. Because we're close to wouldn't know there on the streets. Because we live in close communities. Because we're close to order another on the boss. We're close to one another in the restaurant with close to one another in the movie theater. And we have. Wounded them. Most dense close. Environments. In the country. And that's what time the virus. Communicated the way it did it. Our closeness. Makes us vulnerable. Our closeness makes us vulnerable that. Space show closeness makes us vulnerable. But it's true. That your greatest weakness is also your greatest strength. And in our closeness. Is what makes us who we know our. That is what New York kids are closeness is what makes us special. Our acceptance our openness is what makes us special. It it's what makes us feel so connected to one to another. It's what makes this so accepting. Of Warren another. It is the closeness. That makes us the human beings that we Yong. The closeness. Is that New York humanity. That I think exists nowhere else. The closeness. Do is what makes our sense. Of community. And this is a gentleman who. I still look too. Four. Guidance and for leadership and for inspiration. He's not here anymore. For you he still here for me. But he said things. More profound and more beautifully than. Most other people ever happen. And one of the things he said that is so appropriate for today. We believe in a single fundamental idea that describes better than most textbooks in any speech that I could write what a proper government should be. The idea of family. Mutuality. The sharing of benefits and burdens for the good overall feeling wounded and others paying. Schering wouldn't others blessings. Reasonably. Honestly. Fairly and without respect to race or sex would geography. Or political affiliation. That is New York. It is that closeness. That concept a friendly of community. That's. What makes new York new York. And that's. What made us vulnerable here. But it is also that closeness. And that connection and that humanity. And that share. That is our greatest strength. And that is what is going to overcome. At the end of the day. I promise you that. I can see how New Yorkers are responding. I can see how to New Yorkers. Are treating one another are exceeded 6000 mental health volunteers received a 40000. Health care workers stepping up. I see the vendors calling me saying I can help that's New York. That's new. And that my friends is. Undefeated. And I am glad. In some ways that we are where first with this situation. Because we will overcome. And we will show the other communities across this country had to do. We'll be there for them. We want them to be there for us. And we will be there for each other. As we always have been.

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{"duration":"8:31","description":"Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the evidence suggests the density control plan in New York is working.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69792277","title":"‘We will overcome’: Cuomo says New Yorkers are undefeatable","url":"/US/video/overcome-cuomo-yorkers-undefeatable-69792277"}