Oyster Farming's Impact on the Chesapeake Bay Environment and Economy

ABC News' Maggie Rulli learns how oysters help filter the water in the Chesapeake Bay.
4:14 | 10/18/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oyster Farming's Impact on the Chesapeake Bay Environment and Economy
Does that Maggie really for ABC news digital and we aren't I went grab attic oyster company didn't take out on the Chesapeake Bay hunt for them boys is very eczema do you kind of have a great great here. PRD picked up some oysters that they've been farming. And we try them in a little bit so stay tuned for that and eating are harvest. But before we get to indulge in a heart a hard day's work it out here for all of I'd minute. Before they are harvest be accurate a little bit more we're gonna go look for some more oysters as rate now. Take a look around us at this beautiful scenery we actually in the middle of an oyster farm. And beat me are thousands of oysters grab out of oyster company has been farming out for well over two years all working. To get delicious taste of oysters here. There's actually thousands of Edith 2000 plus. It isn't one of the cool. Thing wonderful things about our doing it here is that if you look around. It. Intact didn't use it. You look around you couldn't tell you you're let you know that your advice to our people. Vacations are people that come into it and you're beauty and gotten whose. And that's going to see what. Just get people might yet vote. That's the risk are right there just a little puzzled not so what does oyster farming as what does it do little because. That's something. Obviously filters water and as an adult oyster can filtered bid to sixty gallons. River water that water a day. You know you've got some twenty plus million which is in the water a lot of black clean water. And that's just our company there's lots of great companies like ours if it was insane that held. But he was ordered to. But I'm probably manage oysters can help the environment the economy. And your grade it's one of the few counter intuitive it is where the more you eats them better. But the environment. You eat three dozen oysters and sitting in a foot ten doesn't back in the water for places to the more you eat the more we put the water more oysters in the water. More war gets filtered that the environmental movement people can get behind it initiatives it truly is one of the few. View as if needed any more he needs the better for them it is so. But hasn't that we are now at this is cool that if you wanna take a look behind me just to actually start to see. And the oyster beds is right under the water. Turning. Close of over the Medfield difficult to see from a on the boat. Skinny get a closer Eric Kinney at least tracking and it has done pretty give it a shot here. All these lines right here where they're harvesting oysters so vacant that of oyster farms. Just in the middle Chesapeake Bay like that as a way to. Not only bring more oysters back to the ecosystem but also to help the local economy and bring back the testy baked oysters and actual. Heralded oyster in the oyster world because more than a decade ago none of you beginning this. Now certificate in the water system isn't. King inside here. You be a little up close view of what we're wearing orange shorts. I'm not follow the ultimately it. This is looking. Is waste your home look like on the farm with the Iraqi vets numerous we Barbara. A. Now we will come out usually when the tide is down and these are little more accessible and now we're pleased to announce in the bag. Oh we'll. If he's he's oyster liquor cold. They never really nice girl in his racket bags this you don't wave action and shallow the waves election humble the oysters. The main action news he was yeah. I'll marry mineral against each other and this helps shape doesn't make it's.

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{"id":42884803,"title":"Oyster Farming's Impact on the Chesapeake Bay Environment and Economy","duration":"4:14","description":"ABC News' Maggie Rulli learns how oysters help filter the water in the Chesapeake Bay.","url":"/US/video/oyster-farmings-impact-chesapeake-bay-environment-economy-42884803","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}