Pamela Geller Calls Allegedly Being Targeted for Beheading by Terror Suspect 'Chilling'

ABC News' Tom Llamas reports from Boston, MA.
8:26 | 06/04/15

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Transcript for Pamela Geller Calls Allegedly Being Targeted for Beheading by Terror Suspect 'Chilling'
You know anyone that criticized these. What question confirmed. Or violates Islamic law violates fishery X is a target. They need to kill everyone who doesn't do get dating and abide by them voluntarily. It's not just me it's anyone that stands up. Fraud basic. Did you know unalienable rights should be the First Amendment disinformation elemental because Americanism. The deadly terror takedown in Boston Pamela Geller an anti Islamic activists the alleged target of the plot. Boldly saying no one is safe even in America from Islamic extremists. Source as saying that two suspects planned to be head gala for sponsoring the controversial draw Mohamed cartoon contest in Garland Texas last month. Hello I'm tie Hernandez in New York following this story for its ABC's Tommy Thomas in Boston time. Good afternoon to you were learning that you some old Raheem was actually ready to attack that's what police and FBI say and that's why they confront in the net CVS parking lot. They had been listening to his cell phone calls. Through wiretaps and they actually had intercepted a package that was sensitive to his home. They X rated and allegedly inside with that large military night. Overnight ABC news Laurie 26 year old terror suspect you solve all Rahim. Fueled in that deadly confrontation with officers initially wanted to go to New York to be conservative activist Pamela Geller. The woman who sparked a double Harmon cartoon drawing contest in Texas slip the F. Guy says on Tuesday morning with you've seen here in his high squeeze your book. Changed his plan wanting instead to head uniformed police officers in Massachusetts. With anti terrorism agents confronted him in this yes parking lot Raheem allegedly lunged at them with its military style life. Some of these allegations he killed in a criminal complaint that led to the arrest of Brookings nephew David Wright. For conspiring to the attacks Rahim told right about that night in a cell phone conversation. Allegedly saying I just got myself a nice little tool. Good for car the FBI tracking the men point 47. They say Tuesday just two hours before he died wreaking cold right telling him he was about to. Go after the boys in blue calling them the easiest target. We tried speaking with Ibrahim spam is certainly want people know what brother. But they did not want to comment local Muslim leaders who knew Raheem say he was. Not radical he's somebody who could have been inspired by license to kill police all I have no information. They feel government officials to tell you but you said you know we surprised you heard that it's prize. Now there is surveillance video the deadly confrontation inside the CVS parking lot but people who have seen that video local leaders and law enforcement. Savory he was not on his cell phone and he was not shot in the back like one of his Brothers who happens to beanie mom. Said on social media tie. And come in here interview with Pamela Geller who we should mention is controversial in her own right particularly a group that she leads what did she say about being the target. Of this alleged terror plot. You know she's always on message and her message is always and tight Jihad is Amaechi tries kind of incorporate and every answer. All I was able to get at the root of her emotions she said she was scared. That you know these headings have now become part of our lexicon and she said which she was growing up. That word was never ever use and now it's becoming part of the American culture if you will because of what's happened in the Middle East and what's happened with terrorism. Interestingly enough though she says law enforcement never Calder says she's learned about the threat. Through the media. We try to get her on camera yesterday she said she had because of a security threat you don't want it hear it camera she would only get interview over the phone. But she has been protected by security guards we know ever since that incident Texas which he. Posted the Mohammed drawing contest and those two extremists came in and opened fire were eventually killed at the event time. Do we have any more details as to why the suspects decided to change their target. You know we don't know exactly why you see you saw the race seemed decided not to go to New York. And try to kill Gellar as as has been reported as as are sources were telling us. And as the apparently told right. I'll what we understand is that at five via which is so early on that Tuesday. Two hours before police confront him he allegedly told Wright that he was changed his plans and he used coded words and in the FBI says when he was talking about. Going on vacation in Massachusetts he was trying to send the signal to write that he was gonna stay. In the Boston area and that he was gonna go after the boys in blue because they were an easier target. The FB are interpreting that to mean he was actually get attacked police officers in in the state of Massachusetts. And we don't know exactly why he decided to do that at the last minute but two hours later. Is when the police and the FBI the joint terrorism task force dot problem in the CBS parking lot they actually shooting him when he comes at them with that military style night. What is the reaction been from markings family and friends about his death and alleged involvement what I. Was alleged earlier received brother who's an evil on the West Coast you know put on the social media that he had been shot in the back. While talking to was father that his last words were I can't read. Civic and religious leaders who saw the surveillance video say that just is not true. That it does not appear does not appear that would he was on a cellphone and he definitely was not shot in the back. Yesterday I tried to speak to one of another brother who had no comment. His friends who knew from a mosque that he attended in new his entire life tell us that he comes from a good family that his mother is a nurse and a very good person. And these people from the boss described both men both receive and write as gentle people they were. Loyal Muslims but they were not radicals and that they had no idea they were inspired by crisis or had any idea of bringing Jihad to America and that they generally were surprise that this had happened. And what are do we know about the second suspect in this case David Wright it appears at one point he may have been helping authorities. I yet he may still be in some legal trouble. But he's definitely legal trouble he is incarcerated right now. He'll have a penalty hearing it faces up to five years in prison he's been charged with conspiracy and that the conspiracy count comes. From advice that he favorites team that. And this off from the FBI the criminal complaint that. He told her he basically that he was to commit Jihad in America he should get rid of a Smartphone basically destroy it and wipe his laptop. Now federal prosecutors took that advice and and kind of could street into all a conspiracy charge they said. By giving him that advice he was part of a larger conspiracy to commit Jihad here in America he faced a judge yesterday he was odd and very politely answered all the judges' questions. He is eight. Very large man probably. 6108668. To 610 very large around 400 of 500 pounds. And it's Bailey was in court they did not want to say anything at all. From the wiretaps we know that yet extensive conversations with his it's actually is uncle even the rich team and right around the same age Wright is rich deems nephew. They apparently went to a beach in Rhode Island where they talked about. Brookings plan and they had multiple conversations that. The federal forties were actually listening to wiretaps. And the men actually were giggling at times when the FBI says they were talking about she hot there was one moment. We are right. Use the phrase thinking with your head on you're on your chest. Which the FBI interpreted that to mean they were joking about what crisis actually. B heads some other victims and that holds up the decapitated heads. In front of cameras in their propaganda videos. So the men were according to FBI using coded language. But definitely talking about you. Right time thank you so much for joining us ABC's Tommy Imus in Boston. And you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starring the story for exclusive updates on the go contact Hernandez in New York.

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{"duration":"8:26","description":"ABC News' Tom Llamas reports from Boston, MA.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"31533572","title":"Pamela Geller Calls Allegedly Being Targeted for Beheading by Terror Suspect 'Chilling'","url":"/US/video/pamela-geller-calls-allegedly-targeted-beheading-terror-suspect-31533572"}