Parents and Employer of James Foley Remember Journalist

ISIS threatened to kill journalist a week ago.
22:59 | 08/20/14

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Transcript for Parents and Employer of James Foley Remember Journalist
Strong courageous. Loving -- -- and -- We just highly recognized their little boy I mean just. He missed chance to -- you know and you know from the videos as rescuers. -- -- -- -- -- -- The parents and James Foley speaking at a press conference today about their son. Showing just incredible composure during this terribly tough time we're gonna go down -- ABC news's Karen Travers in Washington with the latest on this story Karen. Good afternoon about the the White House says it was aware of recent -- -- threats that they would kill James Foley because of the recent US airstrikes in Iraq. And today the media organization that Foley was working for in Syria said it received an email last Wednesday from his captors saying they were going to. Execute again. A somber President Obama said James Foley's life stands in stark contrast to his killers. -- was taken from us an act of violence that shocks the conscience of the entire world. I -- -- murdered the forty year old American photojournalist. To avenge the US airstrikes in Iraq. The video released by the militant group showing -- murder is graphic and chilling. There's fully in an orange jumpsuit kneeling down he -- his executioners standing next to him. I wish -- have the hope of freedom and seeing my family once again he said but that ship has sailed. Outside their home in New Hampshire today -- parents showed incredible grace and -- we just. -- that. That's -- -- can bring our country together in stronger way. In Wheaton that values. That GM Holden DR the voice -- -- ice is video has sparked major concerns in the US and the UK. British prime minister David Cameron who cut his vacation short today. It looks increasingly likely that the -- is executioner is a British citizen what we must do. Is redouble our efforts to arrest and prosecute those -- take -- in this extremism and violence. President Obama said a group like -- -- has no place in the 21 century. From governments and peoples across the Middle East. There has to be a common effort to extract this cancer so that it does not spread. The US airstrikes in Iraq continue fourteen more near the critical Mosul dam and -- today President Obama said the US will keep it up. So long as Americans are threatened as -- and -- there was another hostage mentioned in that ice this video can you tell us more about him. It is Stephen so -- he is a freelance journalist who is also kidnapped in Syria and by the he's seen in that video in a similar orange jumpsuit that James Foley was wearing. The executioner is standing next to so -- and he addresses President Obama directly. He says that this the life of this American citizen depends. -- President Obama is next action today President Obama did not specifically mentioned so a -- but he said. The whole United States thoughts and prayers are with all the other Americans that are still being held captive -- ABC's Karen Travers in Washington thanks Karen. And it right now of the global post which is the news -- -- James -- filed for is giving a press conference about fully. His execution and a possible warning given to the United States beforehand so we want to listen -- to that press conference. It's goes without saying this is an extraordinarily. Sad day in our hearts and prayers -- -- to. -- the Foley family. And the families of the other hostages that are still being held in Syria. Jim Foley was an incredibly brave journalist and an incredibly brave men right. To the horrible end of his life. We are devastated by his loss. -- his courage and his commitment. To tell -- important stories of war and human tragedy. We'll stand forever as a shining example. To all reporters and we hope to all people who believe in everything. Jim represented the best. The profession of journalism. And what it can be. And what it should be in its finest -- I'm happy to take a question can tell us about the warning I understand -- got. Oh. Yes. And Wednesday -- Of last week. The family the whole family receives. An email from kidnappers. That was. Full of rage against the United States for the bombing. And they. Stated that they would execute him. Obviously we hoped and prayed that that would not be the case. And we communicated. Quickly -- as quickly as we could. Would -- with the -- Pleaded with them. -- mercy. Explain to them that Jim was an innocent journalist. It doesn't know -- into the Syrian people and be cared deeply about them. And asked them. To give us time to find another means. -- They showed no mercy. -- -- -- -- -- -- From the very beginning and remember we have been working on this case for almost two years. We've had. Team of investigators. In the field in the Middle East. In Europe. Investigating Nguyen's whereabouts and the means of securing -- freedom everything that we. Everywhere we provided to the United States the FBI and State Department and appropriate -- As to whether we're happy -- Government did. -- let me say this. This is a very good to -- There's no easy way too -- to bring these hostages. Back -- -- came back. I think they'll be -- time floor. A postmortem. Everything that transpired. And whether something else could've been done. By -- I don't think this is the moment. -- where. Our thoughts are -- know the -- family business. And our thoughts that we Stevens -- -- Who is one of the other. Three Americans being held by this -- Live the families. And we are hoping and praying that. Our government. Is doing everything possible. To find a way to secure this week. To help find him in here. -- When I learned it gives kidnappings. Just two days after Thanksgiving when -- just two days after is inducted into this area. I hired an international security firm. That is expert and kidnap and ransom cases. And they have worked -- us with us. And for us. For these past two years. Deploying people to the Syrian border. Into other places around the world. Two. Develop. Every -- and they can be good. About Kim's whereabouts. It took time to find out -- was. And having learned that. Should try to develop strategies for securing his freedom. We we know where he was. Playing -- words -- tell us now what you game. Let me just answer her question. We're not revealing. The location of very. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They don't. We're not in a position take a hard line with the Islamic state. -- our goal is bring him home. And to find out what they needed from us that we could reasonably provide. Two accomplished that goal and that's -- -- -- And where they're part of the season. And there are other western hostages that have been freed. In recent months and all the evidence we -- indicates that they were -- A substantial sums it if you try any ransom -- you stopped by the US. We were not stopped by the US. -- -- family. Is free to do it there this -- Is right there's. I don't want to talk about the specific things we were doing. But as you can imagine we left no stone on. The finding means for getting them to. To release. What did you think you -- -- hear anymore about what -- has been moving but we feel before they might -- whatever. When. Kim was. Was widely admired by the other. The other hostages -- Was incredibly brave person. He. Worked hard to. Keep the morale of the others. As much as possible. And we know that -- and and others were subject to. Physical abuse. I wouldn't want to say. -- much more. Larry I don't yeah. Alan. -- -- An action line has. -- I think it's safe to assume that our government news -- -- And you talk to hockey talk to him and held together with -- yes how recently has any knowledge of him. Just last month of the most recently released. Hostage was interviewed in Europe. By. A member of the family multifamily and and one of -- -- -- so it's very very -- Why does not a light dinner and again the government. -- -- where he lives. Growing -- in new -- -- trying to do anything right. You know. I'm sure there are many things that the government did that. Where are highly classified that. It would have been inappropriate for them to tell me so. I can't answer that question. Has -- to. The State Department I know that they were doing everything that they thought they could do. And as I said it's. That this is not the time for recriminations. Nor am I suggesting we have an -- There's a lot to be examined. And news. We should keep our focus on the people who -- there and whose lives are in jeopardy at this very moment what I'm minutes. -- -- -- -- -- Never for a minute gave up hope that we would succeed and bring him home. I was devastated and less last night and we we -- With the more than one email. From them and then in response to forces -- him. There was only one. Last week and knows when we'll. I'm right -- funny I. We aren't hearing here did you nine. I'd I'd rather not answer. -- not only -- No. The threat was last week. It's impossible to say by looking at the video when it was built. So it could have been any time between. That time and and when it was. Posted the I don't know with the way things where everything. He had been returning sure he'd been returning from the level in northern Syria. And he was working on a number of stories one of which -- the global post. And -- is it is very close to being across the border he was probably twelve kilometers from. The Turkish border when he was abducted for what was. You know. It's kind of lost. In it in time but our Middle East editor ahead. -- working with him very specific assignments. That he was researching -- -- -- Most of -- stories -- about people and about the suffering that people aren't going anywhere and you know geopolitical stories they're all rooted in the combat that was going on in the front lines. It's fair to say -- and -- Are you fired the time they were years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You believe that you take pride in -- Martin. -- the very beginning. The Islamic state was nowhere near the force that they are today. It's not an issue in Syria where kidnappings could be undertaken by various groups and sold and traded to to a powerful groups. That could be what happened. That's. That's not clear yet -- -- Everything journalist here. -- I've stated that there are three American. Held hostage in Syria right now but don't -- They were western journal. They worry. They were being held it was able to get any message. His family of those people they feel about what period again. -- directly about me. There was one. Direct message. From Jim back to his family. -- this. Separate from -- carried out -- one. -- -- That was daily news was -- fairly recently had it coming out. We never. Jim -- -- I heard a message carried out by western could where they were they were messages from the captors. Beginning last -- -- -- I -- now you know. -- to us and simultaneously for them anymore. My name one and again I'm living purely about -- video right now. -- -- It is the that message was carried out -- from Jim. It was many NBA others. Was there ever any big -- -- and a negative -- was. Long resident was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Netherlands. One right place. I do. It's. Really -- happening in your time -- the -- thing. Let me let me clarify. The captors never mess in the law. They were. A very limited number with a very specific. -- -- -- -- -- They make demands. That was beginning. You -- creating what you mean. But it doesn't really matter it was it was enough to get the message to. Pointing -- your financial and hammers and that it's happening and leave the last. -- that he really going. -- there is no doubt that message. Was vitriolic and filled with rage against the -- There is deadly said. And sound like anything differently -- that war right now. We knew we had all the appropriate communication and imagine. And we hope that they would this. Obviously the situation changed when the bombing -- And that made everything. That handling excellent seasons with the there was no demand nonetheless -- -- from -- -- want to know they demands to. They didn't. They made no demands. In the they made no demands they think that would. They did make demands and rich. It was just a statement that they were going to -- -- -- That is. And I can't finance it will be. Some of -- Pain in the morning -- When -- -- was something. -- -- two years. If you get a message like that. -- Yet to focus on. Taking action. I have a lot of news. I think you can image. And any different than -- No -- -- -- Kim was doing exactly what. And. You know he was incredibly brave right to the -- and -- watched that video. Showed no fear. It's amazing. So I don't think Jim would have Betsy good. Of course he loves his family so much they -- him. They wouldn't want to hurt them. But in terms of doing its job. He knew the risks. I know we did everything. We could. We left no stone. You can. One. Maybe some. Who won't stop us I'll tell you that. If any thing -- example. Is one that only hardens our commitments. You know I started build -- because we needed more reporting about the world. And everything that's happened in the five years there's only reinforced the importance of that. -- to pull back now would be to give these. Evil people a bad dream which we're not going to do. -- going to be careful as always. -- we're sure as hell. I am I'm. Sorry -- it was probably after he came back from -- the second. Before he went to Syria. He would come by our offices here. House. Just hang out. Let -- I don't know. I'm living in the morning hours. -- and I don't know. US paper producer Davis. Missed down to earth -- Michigan stadium as a teacher before he came to journalism right life. -- He loved to tell the story he loved his colleagues. -- going deep relationships. The other people who do this and it's a relatively small return. So he was caring. Good hearted funny guy. That's -- And we've been listening to the president of the global post speaking about his news organization's efforts. To secure the released of journalist -- James Foley. He said that they hired a security team that they did know. Where Foley was being held but that they would not reveal that information he also said the government had that information as well although he could not speak. Directly about any government efforts to try to release -- James full -- He said that at this point his thoughts are with the other three Americans that are being held captive by -- militants. And he believes at this point that is where the focus needs to be we of course we'll continue to follow this story. And -- keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news asked. And starring the story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm -- cannot -- in Washington.

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{"id":25059260,"title":"Parents and Employer of James Foley Remember Journalist","duration":"22:59","description":"ISIS threatened to kill journalist a week ago.","url":"/US/video/parents-employer-james-foley-remember-journalist-25059260","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}