How parents can help their kids have a joyful holiday season

A spotlight on ways parents can create a joyous holiday season for their children during the pandemic.
3:30 | 12/02/20

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Transcript for How parents can help their kids have a joyful holiday season
Joining me now for more on how to help kids do this holiday season is Valentin development specialist doctor Robyn Silverman. Doctor Solomon thanks for being here in of the holidays are supposed to be a time of joy especially for kids but. We know this year is going to be different so what are your top tips for parents with young kids who may be struggling to keep that holiday cheer lives. Well did colony can still be. Still enjoyed. So don't let go make sure you and your children and what a joint holiday light even deals. I'd give me some machines. And questioned his marriage when I went to meet each and you grandma this year Iran not seen arts or what might be really wonderful. Ski. Rainstorm and great ideas and even if he seems silly at first eat me eat very ink sticks. And don't yeah. Some joy from getting so one chimney give different this year leading up high on the neighbor's doorstep or instead of blue wings somebody on Halloween you need is again on somebody's doorstep. The some fun things you indeed this year that would definitely eat all about 28. Love those ideas and let's talk about Santo because that is a big question this year as speculated looted too. Kids wanna know how Santa's gonna do admit he was recently spotted getting a co lead test. At a drive through centers so good to see he's taking precautions but how will Santa make it to everyone's home safely this year. I think that's a great question to a color again with children they're so creative. Kinds of ideas she gives she can't said that he knows how does he see half his time descendants his ads and he let a return address the north whole lot. To you and I stand sesame knee gets in a certain place like in a screen didn't court she worked someplace where you have a shot with another family. If you had Patton exposure how kids are so good ideas. Maybe you actually we can't sanitize their hat and gloves next cookie this year. About one would help she fantasy. And magic. A lot of those kids and then this pandemic has taken at all on children's mental health with virtual learning social distance saying you name it so how do you make the holiday still more normal for kids or is that not important. Actually so tradition you help ground children. Some as tradition you leaky I going see the light. Shall practice but also trying when magic and really had an and you come up with new life to soothe mediate this time you go out her midnight ride around his seat light. Maybe you don't -- your cars in the neighborhood and I was carried out. There are we easy you to celebrate media how. Perhaps the idea you come this year is very idea at six Trenton next year and the years now so you don't little a little eat in your tradition to make it work this year and many. We might start some new traditions this year doctor Robert Silverman it's great to have you on thank you. Pleasure.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"A spotlight on ways parents can create a joyous holiday season for their children during the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74507244","title":"How parents can help their kids have a joyful holiday season","url":"/US/video/parents-kids-joyful-holiday-season-74507244"}