Parkland students join national school walkout

Students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School walked out of class one month after a shooter killed 17 people at the school.
5:28 | 03/14/18

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Transcript for Parkland students join national school walkout
We want to go back to Parkland Florida. Correspondent Victor okay and though is there obviously this is the heart and soul of this movement. All of this happening one month after that massacre of Victor we can still see the students walking around a football field behind it. Wait in incredibly emotional morning out here right now those students the majority of them. Gathered on the fifty yard line it's football field. The principal just making announcement over a loudspeaker. Telling them to cut a hole again embraced each other they said one more quick prayer and it looks like right now it's breaking up students certain Q. File back into the classroom but just moments ago we also hurt them perform very and original emotional phone call the shine all. Out these students and you can probably hear around me now. Lost the support from the community can't say enough but people here in Portland. They were cheering students on it they cannot hear things were weak UN chanting and nasty. As well we bring an apparent this is Gloria dejesus her son goes to school exploit your son's name and what you're seeing. Here and if you what are those of the thousands out there at. Could you could describe what what this is like for you that's apparently hearing those cheers the applause for these students but note support them. It was very emotional especially listening to the song it was just so heartfelt and emotional and so proud of these kids and the voice that they are expressing to the world. They've been impressive since the morning after the shooting ebitda on the ground they have not stopped spreading their messages getting the word out what this what we talked about yourself what it is that about. But it's Billick to come back to school but he was expected today. He says that it's often been difficult. He lost some friends in Austin. Some teachers. It's been an adjustment but they're moving forward and there gonna be changed. Is he gonna participating. Hoping to participate exports the big one in DC the yet Earl yes he's hoping to pick up lines the other. But it doesn't expect that this mistake you particular tonnes but but the minute. As they're wrapping up here you can hear the chants in the community they're saying. Stand with you right now it's. Half the seventeen minute mark again it was one minute for each of the victims out here they'll. I could be heading back to campus although we do know that there were a few other rallying points and walkout set up off campus for those students to really wanted to get their message out get them or closure. The main thing here just touch on it it's a show of support but of course are also. Looking for. More action when it comes to gun control. Yes governor Rick Scott did sign a bill that does a few things it raised the minimum age to buy guns that when he won it created three win here fraudulent and it would it. Armed certain teachers but the students here the community that once we've spoken with said that they won it all out ban on assault rifles that is. What they're fighting for here today incredibly emotional morning out here again just what this perspective this football field. If the spot where a lot of these kids ran out two while the shooting hopeful that you can imagine what it was like let's be honest that this. When they order it really hammers home how important this issue is city students how it touches and so deeply and you mentioned that sweeping gun reform. In the state of Florida unprecedented relayed that Republican governor Rick Scott would pass this legislation assignment until law. Given the opposition of some of his key constituents the NRA fiercely opposed to that I know you talked to a lot of students there on the ground. Spain at this kind of legislation is much needed but also a lot of them saying it doesn't go far enough. Right and they actually two governors the governor spreading here and house and senate they got that done. Very quickly but again they're saying that those rules those regulations. Don't quite go far enough and again just the touch and a point about certain teachers being org it's not necessarily just. Classroom teachers that once you are a culture had some other duty outside a classroom but didn't want all the governor himself saying that it was suppose to. These kids want to see is universal background checks and again that all out ban on a site like left their. And Victor what interesting being that we've horror we actually heard a student in DC say this earlier this morning was. The fact that a lot of these students they're they're not even eighteen yet they're not old enough to vote and so they feel like this is their moment to make their voices heard. Do the students and the parents and even other people next meeting do you think they recognize. Just what an impact their voices are having on the rest of the country today. These kids have been incredibly outspoken since the morning after the shooting we've been on the ground here ever since and and I can remember all of them coming out speaking out. And getting their voices out there and part of it was hey look we're kids you're the adult we shouldn't be the ones having a fight for came through the wanted it to do it where the want to make it different. They know what. They've been doing here they know how strong and move in its mean these rallies have been taking place around the world today and it's not just ice wolf it's elementary schools. It's middle schools and universities all taking part in this right now and you can just tell look at the crowds of people. These are all people out here showing support you can hear the chants MS PMS TDs kids clearly young. Not that there's in nearby middle school here lecture kick just let out there what's going on but another wave of students that are inspired by everything. That students here it said Marjorie Stoneman Douglas have done. Exactly one month that was awful shooting that left seventeen students and teachers that. I think the Victor of ten are in our entire team spread out across the country.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"Students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School walked out of class one month after a shooter killed 17 people at the school.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"53746369","title":"Parkland students join national school walkout","url":"/US/video/parkland-students-join-national-school-walkout-53746369"}