Pastor shunned for LGBT stance

Pastor Dan Collison of the First Covenant Church in Minneapolis discusses being defrocked from the ECC denomination and expelled for allowing same-sex marriages.
3:21 | 07/02/19

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Transcript for Pastor shunned for LGBT stance
Do you remember the story I told you about an end Anjelica pastor at a church in Minnesota who was spacing. LG BTQ community well we told you that if in fact pastor Dan Collison was defrocked it would be the first time. A pastor was in voluntarily removed from the church in its 134. Year old history. Well it happened and pastor Collison joins us now. Pass a Collison I I really just want to know how you're feeling after this is vote came down. You know I have a lot of complex feelings. I'm sad. I'm sad ending to by the process and how it actually turned out. I'm relieved because in some ways after many years it's important to have. Clarity. And in the middle of that I think I find myself needing to feel both of those emotions at the same time. So how exactly did you find out about everything. But is there. And I went through three stages myself I met with a small group called were murdered ministry. And they forward my team. Bear desire to have me removed gone to the larger group of pastors which was about 500 pastors in a room. And I testified and we had a little piece of time to talk through that and they four needed larger meeting about a thousand delegates. Each time it was quite excruciating. And particularly because all along we had been seeking to. Really just ask for the ability to disagreed. Which is meant a trademark or a hallmark of this particular denominations practice and so to see that. Sort of fall apart through these deliberations. And through their final decision and vote was really difficult especially for that 25%. Or so delegates and pastors in all of those meetings. Who disagreed with that decision. And were in support of me and in support of first covenant church. So what comes next I mean because obviously this is a huge. Life changed career change what's what's going on next for you. That's what's really interest staying in the covenant denomination. There a collective of independent churches that choose to be together and in this case because the denomination withdrew my ordination. And the congregation they get they license to me well over a year ago to be able to continue as their pastor. Any good Sunday when we came back and had our first worship service together it was this really interesting mix of sadness but also. Joy I mean a little man like an Easter or so to speak where you're still wondering what just happened. But yet your together and Muir or. You're you're you're really happy to be together and you reaffirm one another and so there is a big ovation and there were kind words. The church owns its building we have no debt we have all these vibrant. Partnerships that take place and are building nine different partnerships from a homeless shelter to an arts collective were doing an affordable housing project on the block. So worked very healthy and in that way we just moved follower and as I like to say. We are no longer a church on the roster of the Evan gel local covenant church but we are a covenant church and we are first covenant church of Minneapolis and we move forward. Our Ed Pastor Collison will we appreciate you sharing your story thanks for being with us. Thank you for having me on the shall absolutely.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"Pastor Dan Collison of the First Covenant Church in Minneapolis discusses being defrocked from the ECC denomination and expelled for allowing same-sex marriages.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64088999","title":"Pastor shunned for LGBT stance","url":"/US/video/pastor-shunned-lgbt-stance-64088999"}