Pennsylvania Girl With Leukemia Dies on Christmas Morning

Delaney "Laney" Brown, 8, had rallied her neighbors to sing Christmas carols outside her home.
3:00 | 12/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pennsylvania Girl With Leukemia Dies on Christmas Morning
The holiday lights are still shining brightly at the family home of eight year old William Brown -- west -- The girl with the strong spirit suffering from a terminal illness was surrounded by loved ones which -- peacefully took her last breath at 3:10 Christmas morning. They lost their baby -- Christmas -- Just a sad thing for eight year old -- found going to have to -- as. Our little Angel on earth earned her pink glittery Angel wings in -- her family rode on the team -- FaceBook page. For months neighbors in the rest of this community have been following -- Fareed. Against a rare form of cancer only ten children nationwide are diagnosed with that a year -- -- Ellington. She is she is sweet little girl and it. I don't really -- reigning Stanley said it we will miss her smile her laughter in the way she will light up any room she was then. We are eternally grateful for all of the love kindness prayers and support. That we have received from people across the world. We saw and heard that -- support just a few days ago -- 8000 people -- -- street. To sing Christmas carols one of her dying wishes. Since lady gave that thumbs up letting jurors know she can hear them the team -- -- -- -- jump from 45000 lights. To more than 100000. -- neighbors say she brought more attention to pediatric cancer. -- show what it what it was from the start to finish and we were with them whole way. And I think it's she's made a bigger impact and she even house and -- will be around for a long time. -- his family called her kind and loving child who kept the faith and a smile on her face despite the pain. We will miss her every day -- -- we know -- is in heaven. In watching over all of us lady's family asked for continued privacy as they celebrate the life and mourn the loss of their little girl. Funeral arrangements are still being Plante reporting and west -- Kenneth -- channel six action news.

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{"id":21338030,"title":"Pennsylvania Girl With Leukemia Dies on Christmas Morning","duration":"3:00","description":"Delaney \"Laney\" Brown, 8, had rallied her neighbors to sing Christmas carols outside her home.","url":"/US/video/pennsylvania-girl-leukemia-dies-christmas-morning-21338030","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}