Pa. High School Stabbings Result in 'Significant Injuries'

Dr. Chris Kaufman updates on condition of victims stabbed at Franklin Regional High School.
2:25 | 04/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pa. High School Stabbings Result in 'Significant Injuries'
We had a call this morning that there was multiple stab wound patients at Franklin regional high school. We activated our trauma team within -- hospital. Which is and credit of the level two trauma center here Pennsylvania. We told them that we did. Easily -- three or four critically injured patients wants and if there -- more than that many critically injured patients they would have to be transported to. Trauma centers not as close by as we are. We did receive seven patients from the scene -- who were teenagers. And an adult. Person additionally. Two of the patients are right now on the operating room and third line is being transported to the operating room at this point. These are all patients who have stab wounds -- the chest and abdomen so these were significant injuries. And the patients are. Being appropriately managed. There are additional patients right now who are having CT scans and X rays performed it may be that additional patients were or will require operative. -- Throughout the day. So -- 88 kitchen where units from that scene on the we understand that seven of them r.s and one of them comparable Donald. Or yes there there are patients. Teenage years are seven of those in the an adult. Who is older than 21. As the aids patient. In terms of severity of injuries at three -- -- surgery right here that are in the audience. Yes -- city don't need surgery superficial. No these are not superficial ones either. These are patients who -- -- dynamically stable and so we have to stage the patients the patients who were unstable with the most severe eventually injuries go to the operating room first. Some of those patients don't even need any type of imaging. You can tell based understand -- and their blood pressure that they just need to go to the operating and other patients -- coming stable with a normal blood pressure. Normal heart rate we have time to do a more. Typical approach. To do -- cat -- he was injured inside and make a plan according to what we see. And so there -- patients to just now have completed their cat scans. The radiologists are looking at those and we'll help us with interpretation of what -- see -- on those images and again some of those patients may also require. An operation it's less likely.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"Dr. Chris Kaufman updates on condition of victims stabbed at Franklin Regional High School.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23255214","title":"Pa. High School Stabbings Result in 'Significant Injuries'","url":"/US/video/pennsylvania-high-school-stabbings-result-significant-injuries-23255214"}