People Gather to Watch and Smell the Corpse Flower

ABC News' Meridith McGraw visits the US Botanic Garden to see the flower bloom for the first time.
10:41 | 08/02/16

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Transcript for People Gather to Watch and Smell the Corpse Flower
I can't find it ironic DD news dot timing we're here in the US. And it heart rate and US capitol rings have been flying not wearing I'm. Even Clinton flowers and actually. We learned in PE. I went and that's Easter on. Look at about it I'm not indictment and you it in the current and it got me. I mean I have anything on me today thank you thank. No we're really excited because the. Never seen before he started. Warning did you think. It started around 4 this morning too we've had a career didn't mean occurrence here he really excited to have a Little League this year. In the coming in because right now we're still on the snow brings to this started smelling this morning around nineteen him. And they're actually heats up throughout the day it's as much tonight. Please because it's time to do this compound smelling as far as it can in the wild in Durban as far as a mile away. It's getting notes of trash round it is sometimes he found dead animals now earlier in the neighboring you know kind of like a bad habits and actively. Arrives on city tennis changing its now got the defense trying to track audience. And while that would be why is carry on Google's and is trying to say hey come on hand because as you know flowers are only open for about eight to twelve hours. And they're trying to pull it. So for those you might want him. Really get them now I immediately. And that they see it all I know right now from you anything else lately. It does this team's about dating cannon and I stand here for thirty minutes an hour. If you're here in the room and realized hey I don't know we'll oh there it is again. Because it's heating up and throwing the smell and way so really that's kind of wash over you from time to time where it's. ER REI. Don't you know very nice and pretty rare it means Huntley. Yeah. He passed it's it's endangered. Native to the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. And there even though it is injured. And if people here do recognize that its invasion of time to help protect its nuclear. This kind of that a stable level of endangerment wild confident nothing clearly grown naturally in the US and so pretty as the Olympics US tonight the that a public garden like us. And an Atlanta city because it's not necessarily the easiest thing to do. I'll needs of the. Really high level of community. Day after day after day right it's hot and humid and very hot and these he's been hot last week. This went loving it it's totally happy. We've been having hot sexy runway and expect to describe only six. We thought it might Max out at five feet past sixty it has it's now seventeen. So it is definitely been a long prodigy growing much more than expected. So hot and yeah. You know they usually take anything. Some years for the make yeah. Take anywhere from three to five to ten. And what that does not need to have the booming yet. Yeah happening Ian EP area definitely. Apparently. Oh yeah. Yeah right now. We'll take a look at it from another angle. And today's birthday beautiful holiday line we're having extended hours until 11 PM. Prosecute comes eleven today we're expecting a state fully open tomorrow was well it's given that they stay open only one to three days. Tomorrow big grade debut from ten to eleven tomorrow was well that 10 AM to let him tomorrow's. As of right now Rick Edmonds now science doesn't overdo it. Actually trying to replicate descent. That's not a pleasant odor and it's hard to replicate what type of of course that we've got some guys here reduced force apps and and they're they're going to be here in the next little while trying to help him gathering up ten and tissue. I think they would. They might come back when kind of have a spectacles. Talking with another displayed been honestly don't know that we can have been released Nelson with a one day when it first it was. Another week after week afterwards while contemplating not smell and look how something can help you get what you could smell of Shapiro defense. Thank you. And how my other members 1980 and and he talked to people doesn't think he's at least I think you can count. Angry and I each time I mean it's 3COM. My name is feeling and I came from. Pentagon City I think your yesterday can't really want to dismount. And life don't sit quietly into the and I'm in extreme snow tomorrow night here. I mean like. Like yeah campaigns. Like I detect my son see it. It's not bad yeah that's what equipment they get into the back out and play in game. And did make friends and but Atlantic game. And I thank. C yeah. It's critics give you a little glimpse of the land it looks like homeland. And here. Okay. There is actually works I learn I'm. Egging me. Ian titles are definitely. Captain the largest car in the but scenes behind me yeah. Yeah. Rain again. Oh my goodness yeah. We came back my husband and I. All cash and it's not that these people who run. And what does it smell. I'm. Rotten fish rotting fish. It's but it's also kind of a kind of pleasantly on. Equipment and how much time this French living color him gone. Right lane when. I mean. That journey and I learn it's. Really funny. Your right. And how they think of the plane's right. Based on experience. Interesting the way good Obama girls is now. Consistently. Strong and it'll it'll just. They don't know. Okay. It's very strong he's like a lot of I mean yeah cleaning up part in the green it's. Me. Stronger and management. Thank you so much and that it's not. Yeah now. It'll stay opening until ten. Maria. Yeah yeah. Yeah thank you for covering news when you. If you are staring you can't. Find love him. I'm. And it I don't. Yeah. I did. Everything you know. It's my first. Mom. Yeah. Calling it. Right now in the and I think that's about all that we happening more than I'm sorry if you gardening. If you are in the Washington. Atlantis and the knowledge and I'm company check it out Grady. Crime and even in I can't.

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{"duration":"10:41","description":"ABC News' Meridith McGraw visits the US Botanic Garden to see the flower bloom for the first time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"41075422","title":"People Gather to Watch and Smell the Corpse Flower","url":"/US/video/people-gather-watch-smell-corpse-flower-41075422"}