2 People Killed in NYC Building Explosion

Officials say a gas leak was reported 15 minutes before the explosion occurred in East Harlem.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Transcript for 2 People Killed in NYC Building Explosion
Explosion happened earlier this morning about 915. And you saw -- first here on Eyewitness News two buildings gas leak. The ninety an explosion that killed two people. At least 22 others hurt two of them seriously with life threatening injuries we are told. Nine people on accounted for we don't know where they are they could be elsewhere and just hasn't contacted their families but. They might the fear is they might also be of some of them might also be inside that rubble. Many people taken on -- like this is you saw earlier -- Eyewitness News 250 firefighters -- first responders on this scene from the police department. EMT workers the rest the FDNY fighting this fire from. On top of the surrounding buildings that are stable or at least not unstable that they -- of and from the ground and also from the latter's that are looked -- high up as high as they go to get this thing. Taking care of the there's there's still fire and smoke coming from -- but not nearly as -- drastic and dramatic as it was a few. After firefighters still working to get this fire under control before they can -- get in there. A start sifting through all the debris looking for if there are any other victims. Out there. And -- Parikh was at mount Sinai hospital was they're speaking with some of the emergency room. Doctors there at surgeons saying they're seeing. A plethora of injuries from broken bones to scratches to people coming in suffering from a heart problems and and and complaining of chest pains and things like that just with the trauma. Of going for such -- Massive explosion and -- speech -- point before bill about con Edison and how quickly this could happen Con -- tweeting out a little while ago saying that. Call came in for gas they received at 9:13 AM may dispatched a crew at 9:15. AM just two minutes later. An explosion occurred at 9:40 am we're -- 9:40 AM the FDNY saying that they responded within three minutes I believe. Of the explosion but again -- you are saying how quickly something like this can happen someone did report it smell of gas. And twenty minutes later something like this.

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{"id":22882031,"title":"2 People Killed in NYC Building Explosion","duration":"3:00","description":"Officials say a gas leak was reported 15 minutes before the explosion occurred in East Harlem.","url":"/US/video/people-killed-nyc-building-explosion-22882031","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}