Two 'persons of interest' identified in 'Empire' star attack

Police have identified and tracked down two 'persons of interest,' though no charges have been filed.
3:37 | 02/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Two 'persons of interest' identified in 'Empire' star attack
We've got some breaking news just coming in their at a Chicago just see small let the actor from empire and who says he was attacked in Chicago not too long ago. Police are saying that two suspects have been identified. In that alleged attack. Those who suspect you seen these images before these two shadowy figures it has has been playing over and over again when. We've talked about this this incident into place there in Chicago. Just a small let sat down with our Robin Roberts to talk about his ordeal to talk about this attack. Take a listen. The police have gone through a lot of video and they were able to capture and image of two people and interest have you seen that image men. Do you believe that they could possibly be the attackers from do what is that about their decides who what why do you feel that they could possibly paid. 'cause. I was there. Mean that. For me when that was released I was like. Okay we're getting somewhere how long did this all it felt like minutes but it probably was like thirty seconds honestly I can't tell us. I noticed the rope around my neck and I start screaming. And I say it is open pissed off what. Is it that has you so. Angry is that that the attackers using hackers but it's also. The attacks. It's like you know at first it was a thing of like listen if I tell the truth. Then. That city because it's true. Kennedy campaign a flag. Oh. How can you doubt that I how do you how do you not believe that it's truth. We want to bring in ABC's Stephanie wash who is in Chicago she's got the latest. On this new development and Stephanie this is a huge development this is something that. Just a small let his fans his friend Stanley that they've been waiting for. Certiorari Chicago police are confirming that police have identified. That two people in the surveillance images baton released. You know Egypt that we can go now. They are calling them persons of interest bill. They said that police use technology to actually track the movement of the two individuals. Using cameras public transportation records and also you're corroborating some of the information that was provided by jet is not let Al. And while those due partly to insure at. Have not been charged with a crime. There is no evidence they're involved that could tack that current. Police say they do now know what they are and they have Brockman of questioning. Since they were people who are at the location of the attack. That is incredible now I have the act and I know this is V these are the early stages. Of this part in the investigation but have they said it. That they'll announce anything else later on today any press conference is scheduled meeting also we may learn about these two individuals later today. So no word of any press conference says I did speak with the police spokesman. When he did confirm it he says. You know this is a serious ongoing investigation. Bleaker not revealing too many Eekhout but the court. They are letting us know it today that they did identified those. Two cartons of interest that work you know and pretty grainy surveillance images that I took a lot of police arc track and and looking a combative questioning. Aren't stepping wash in Chicago thank you so much for your time.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"Police have identified and tracked down two 'persons of interest,' though no charges have been filed. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61080475","title":"Two 'persons of interest' identified in 'Empire' star attack","url":"/US/video/persons-interest-identified-empire-star-attack-61080475"}