Phil Hartman avoids confrontations with wife Brynn: Part 7

As the couple grew more distant, Hartman would often take his plane to Catalina Island. His ex-wife, Lisa Jarvis, said that he told her Brynn Hartman was becoming more violent.
8:06 | 09/20/19

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Transcript for Phil Hartman avoids confrontations with wife Brynn: Part 7
By the late '90s, Phil is officially "Snl" royalty and they have paid him the highest compliment, inviting him back to host the show twice. When he's not on TV, he's on the big screen. It's not all the same to me. Co-starring with the likes of Steve martin. It's not what you think it is. Arnold schwarzenegger. You can't benchpress your way out of this one. I've got a metal plate in my head. You do? No! And Michael J. Fox. But Brynn's career, not so much. She's only getting some minor acting work. She appeared in the movie "North." That was directed by Rob Reiner. And she plays a waitress. One Coca-Cola. Right here. And one sex on the beach. She had done a few bit parts, like "Third rock from the sun." Let's go gentlemen. We watched it together and she thought it was pretty funny. Like a nice little boost for her. Phil tells a friend that he doesn't think Brynn is cut out to be an actress. He was saying that she wasn't acting material. She felt like he was losing interest, but not in the way where he's interested in other women. Hi, Phil. How was your ski trip today? She talked about him ignoring Are you going to stay home tonight? I'll probably go into the office for a short time. Okay. Phil hated confrontation, so, he would do a few things to avoid it. Maybe he'd smoke a joint, get maybe he'd take his plane to Catalina island for a few days. Phil wanted his downtime, his Phil time. I would say Phil was definitely a guy's guy. He liked going places where there weren't a lot of people. That's why we went to Catalina. That was his escape. I remember him telling me, I took Brynn over to Catalina, but the weather was really bad and she got sick. I think that was intentional. I think he didn't want her to embrace the boat. That's how he could get away from Brynn. The main avoe case is in the area of nature worship. It's almost a religion to me. Brynn did say that Phil was distant sometimes, and sometimes, actually, he would go to his hangar and just wax the airplane and just to kind of get away. She felt like Phil wasn't giving her very much attention and he was sailing all the time and he didn't want to spend time with her. Action. Somebody told me that Brynn, Phil's wife, had us being followed by somebody, a private investigator, with a camera, for a number of years. Have there been many murders in this area? Not that we admit to. Either she thought we were gay and/or she thought that he was having an affair. He wasn't hiding anything so he'd tell her. Going back to Catalina. Somebody out there had thousands of photographs of us -- That outcropping right there? Yeah, right there. Smoking dope, inflating the we didn't have anything of great interest, because Phil never had girls on the boat. He was adamant about not having women on the boat. He was a faithful guy. And I respected that and him. Phil and I had re-established our friendship and Phil had to go to really extreme lengths to have any contact with me. Brynn was so jealous and so crazy jealous that a couple of times he came to my apartment in Santa Monica and I'd make lunch and we'd just sit and talk and hang out, because he wanted to be my friend and he couldn't be in public. And he said, no, I have to kind of sneak in. He'd wear a hat and glasses and park on a side street and he'd sneak into my apartment, because he said, if photographs ever taken with us, I mean -- that's it. Brynn had low self-esteem. She worried about looking older, getting older. The month before they died, Brynn turned 40. So, for many women, a 40th birthday is a big line in the sand. And an emotional event. She was always aware of, I need to look perfect, I need to be perfect in this situation. The one thing that I did know was that she had been given some zoloft to take from Sean's doctor. Zoloft is an antidepressant. She talked about having anxiety at times. When Brynn talked about the zoloft, she didn't really go into detail about why and I didn't think to ask, like, are you sad, you know, are you okay? I mean, I kind of just thought it was, okay, she's going on zoloft, okay, it's what people do in Hollywood. Told me that Brynn had been on cocaine and zoloft and alcohol and she's just been crazy lately. And that she wanted to fight every night before they went to sleep. I know some reports said friends say they were fighting more the last six months. I find that to be totally untrue. I know I've talked to both of them and that wasn't the case. I know they had seen a counselor and both of them said that really helped. They were trying to improve for their spouse. They cared that much about each other. Phil mentioned more than once that it became physical. He said that Brynn would lose control and physically attack him. And he would have to hold her arms down and restrain her. And he said, yeah, our fights are getting much worse and we keep going in and out of therapy. He said, and she gets vicious, she gets violent. And I said, violent? And he said, yeah, she throws things at me, she slaps me. I said, honey, she doesn't have a gun, does she? And he said, oh, yeah, she has a gun, she has a gun for protection. And I said, protection against what? You live in Encino. Brynn and Phil both told me they had taken self-protection classes and shooting classes and they bought firearms and, you know, they had them both in safes. And it was for protections against a stalker, intruder. I've had some difficulties, you know, I've had an extortion attempt on me, I've been a target. Just because I'm famous. I don't want to invite the attention of unbalanced individuals. In early may, 1998, Phil Hartman sat for his very last press junket to talk about his upcoming movie, "Small it is a splashy summer popcorn movie with razzle dazzle special effects. You'd have to be crazy not to be scared. Oh, man, I get drugged and kidnapped and shot at with a bazooka and beat up and flame throwed and -- it's pretty astounding. What no one can see coming, least of all Phil, is that he won't live to see the movie open. I think Brynn was insecure and impulsive and, of course, drugs make you more impulsive. That's a very scary combination. That can lead to terrible things happening. A person who shot him, is she around? Yeah.

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{"duration":"8:06","description":"As the couple grew more distant, Hartman would often take his plane to Catalina Island. His ex-wife, Lisa Jarvis, said that he told her Brynn Hartman was becoming more violent. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65734805","title":"Phil Hartman avoids confrontations with wife Brynn: Part 7","url":"/US/video/phil-hartman-avoids-confrontations-wife-brynn-part-65734805"}