Phil Kazen, Pastor in Marysville, WA, Discusses School Shooting

Students have gone to church nearby high school where deadly school shooting occurred.
9:01 | 10/24/14

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Transcript for Phil Kazen, Pastor in Marysville, WA, Discusses School Shooting
Some students. Have been gathering nearby at a church. And on the phone. Is still case in the pastor of that church is. Pastor case will be what can you tell me what's what's happening outside of your church. The church parking lot has been used for the the buses and bring yeah. Police vehicles. By us but in the chilled the students from. The school which is the property. Join in our our church property. They brought them into the church and and then cut identification. Names send out birth date. And then link them up with parents who have arrived. To. Make this shouldn't hold. And Ed Pastor has your church then been established as a reunification point or was this just. That they here's where some of the students were being brought. Well there are days they've brought probably in my estimation what the trying to 600 perhaps more. But seen them here. And then being able to. Take roll out and parents were coming and. And then they hurt checked out was students and parents they accident. And it is some school administrators and teachers coming along with some of the students. Yes yes quite a few school personnel that that seem to know the student. There was one group of challenged. Students. Who was brought them into a different room what their wheelchairs its structure and and they were able to identified them men and parents could do retreat then from there. And you said about 500 to 600 students were initially brought in. And hat and how many are there now. They've they've done a remarkable job. There's probably. Only about two option here sixty students. Currently here waiting for parents or guardians to a rise. Most of the other ones have. Have gone. They the FB it was here and. They took students who had. Witnessed. They took them to. Several classrooms and and interviewed them there aside from the others. Went hat and what has been the emotional state and the response of these students as they're coming into this church. How. Saying I'm pleasantly. Prized with the. Emotional state of most. Of course there are some school who are breaking down and a lot of hugging. Going on but. They hear the status has been somber. And very controlled. And how has been a if you've been seen some of the Paris coming thick and they're taking their children up as well correct yes yes. And what has been their response. The parents have mostly and console in on Tuesday to the students. A lot of times. There are several times when when the students to other parents and they became a little more emotional and they hugged and and then they were they were in line for checking out. How did you first find out where you at the church of a time when those when those students first came in I guess how how did you first find out about the shooting. I wasn't one of our. One of our members. Lives next door to the church financial and they use people started to arrive in the parking lot. She opened the church so that there were be restroom facilities. And a place to sit down. And then she called me and I I came here. And right now he's and you have about fifty years or sixty students there that are still waiting to be picked up by by parents or guardians. The correct. And and how did they seem to be doing. And how how did they seem to be doing. They're. Do any of sensing that they want to that they want to talk about this term are most of them keeping to themselves. The news they are. Some are talking with. With each other some are just very calm and I actually haven't. Talked with with any emblem Irsay on on the the activity I've just been kind of helping to. Organized. Things and and stay here. This thing and in an organization. And I have many of them gone up to you is that they want to Tutu to speak to someone whether these because their parents to speak to. A psychiatrist speak to police. None at this point the announcement originally was was made. Two of those that had done. Seen nor heard or had. First hand evidence and then they were separated out. To a different area for the FBI to interview them. Q can you describe a little bit about your community. Com community is. Fairly quiet community. Yet the rural. Community were about 45 miles north of Seattle. It has been growing community. I'm not not a lot of difficulties. In in the community up until. Well we did have a situation. Last week were. We're in the Marysville police were push. It. It does does this something like this surprise you that it's happening and in your community. It is surprising. For the community. But I guess not surprising. And the fact that. Humankind has. Is susceptible to to these kinds of things. And you had Spaniard said pastor that at the FBI I came into the church they're looking for any students that that might have witnessed this it. Which are a large number that they were speaking to. Probably. 25. About about 25 students that had seen it. And at this point have police to that they intend and creating your church as the reunification point or. Has not that has that not been established. Hope you well. The they would use the instability in MD and the parking area. There are still. Buses and and police are Unix. Debt alum at the gate at the Helm of the school. With lights flashing and that there. Most of the reuniting them out of parent she has taken place here now and and people are are moving out. I imagine there's some very very deep hugs when those parents are coming up to pick up their students. There are. At this point have police headed although if they plan on moving those fifty or sixty students that are still in your church parking lot inside the church of Suffolk they're going to be moving them. Other to a City Hall or to another place. Actually most of them. Majority of them have been then moved out and I didn't see where where they hear city. Put him back on a bus or where they were and I'm them. And acquire part of the church but there are here is say a bus load that is just leaving the parking lot and so perhaps. That would be them. UC system of some of them are are leaking that it's do you have any first responders during police and they church parking lot. Yeah. Yes sir Jeremy many. First responder and police vehicles in the parking lot. Now. Contact. Pastor Phil occasion its case pastor who we we appreciate your time and an obviously our thoughts are with you and with your community during this time.

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{"duration":"9:01","description":"Students have gone to church nearby high school where deadly school shooting occurred.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"26437101","title":"Phil Kazen, Pastor in Marysville, WA, Discusses School Shooting","url":"/US/video/phil-kazen-pastor-marysville-wa-discusses-school-shooting-26437101"}