Philip Seymour Hoffman's Death Under Investigation

Four alleged drug dealers were arrested in connection with the actor's death.
3:00 | 02/05/14

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Transcript for Philip Seymour Hoffman's Death Under Investigation
This is a special room. Hello I'm Taina Hernandez in New York with -- ABC news digital special report. Busted for suspected drug dealers linked to the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman arrested in New York City. The three men and one woman charged with possession of controlled substances. Police he's more than 350 bags of heroin from three apartment. Not far from -- Oscar winning actor was found dead -- actors he joins us now with the latest Aaron this seems -- very quick on the heels of the -- a Philip Seymour Hoffman. Who are these people and what do we know about. Well we don't know much they're due to be in court a little bit later on this afternoon but did to our 22 years old. One is 48 the other is 57 years old and they were caught on at an apartment on Mott street that police raided. Based on some information that they had gleaned as they investigated the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. The exact nexus between the actor and these four people that were arrested. Police have not yet made clear to. OK investigators also tested. If they heroin in Hoffman's apartment was laced with something -- contributing. Perhaps to the overdose do we know what they found well this is the most urgent part of the police investigation. The medical examiner is expected to rule as soon as today. That there was no criminal activity that -- death was an accidental overdose but police still want to investigate because they'd like to know the purity of -- heroin. And I would also like to -- that was contaminated than anything else particularly. The powerful narcotic fentanyl which has been. Added to heroin and linked to deaths in several states in recent months dozens of deaths. And so if there is any of that involved -- there's been no evidence of -- so far we should say but if it is found to be involved. And then police may want to raise public awareness. What do we know about Hoffman's last whereabouts in the timeline leading up to his death well he had rather ordinary day and and that is one of the things that experts say is it is so. The -- Excruciating when it comes to addiction is that you it's a disease that you live -- you go on about your life and so we know he got coffee it is usual place and many heads an early dinner with some associates and and and then he spoke to his the mother of his children -- -- -- -- ordinary things in his neighborhood. That did not necessarily seem to presage. That the notion of of of someone who was about to have a deadly overdose. Let's -- -- give me at one minute if you would. -- to answer a call on the case. Military and that is ABC's caricatures he they're taking a column the very -- were talking about. The death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman due to a drug overdose. We do know that four people have been arrested and charged with drug possession there actually. Living or had lived in close proximity. To Philip Seymour Hoffman however we don't know that connection that they may have had with Hoffman. Some of the more interesting updates in this case -- deal with the medical Examiner's office we do expect that the medical examiner ruled rule. That the heroin found in Hoffman system was not laced with fentanyl -- powerful additive. That often causes death in these overdoses or has in the past we do have and pictures he -- Aaron -- wanted to talk about these four people charged with. Possession at 350 bags and just possession charges so far nothing in terms of intent to sell. Nothing so far of course that could change as the investigation gets under -- but these are -- felony drug charges and and so. The serious nonetheless an anti want to -- unit. The medical Examiner's office here in New York City has now completed the autopsy on the body of -- actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. And and the results are going to be ruled inconclusive. Pending the results of toxicology tests which could take. Several more weeks so -- the medical Examiner's office has not yet prepared to -- to draw conclusions until they know precisely what was in his body. OK so just clarify that point about the -- then it did have they determined definitively whether. There was fentanyl in that -- that additive that is this is like a poison. The -- today they do not believe there was any fentanyl in the heroin that was found in Kaufman's apartment now. That's what was found in the apartment we know there were five on used five used up bags of of of heroin. Also found in the apartment and so -- that's what -- they are relying on the on the toxicology tests to determine exactly what was in his body. OK let's talk about the amount of heroin found in his apartment. Seemed to be. Something consistent with the user obviously not dealer. And -- even though they resist substantial amount correct. That's right there were seventy glass seen bags little dime bags of heroin that were found in the apartment and and it that was certainly an indication that. Philip Seymour Hoffman was not as one investigator put it this -- like some junkie who is needing to -- on a daily basis there was plenty of heroin for his personal use around. But it was not an amount that would be consistent with any kind of intent to sell they don't believe that that was Hoffman's intent -- -- just -- to have a significant amount of heroin. In his apartment for his personal use it's believed -- OK and of course that many people celebrating his legacy as an actor he is a man with. A family Yahoo! is dealing with this tragedy as well do we have any updated information about funeral plans a memorial services. Did the family has asked that the arrangements be kept private and so they've instructed a funeral home to two to only say that much that there will be a private funeral service we believe sometime later this week. And the Stanley is apparently making plans for a more public memorial realizing that there is an outpouring. Of support and affection for Philip Seymour Hoffman who was so well known especially here in New York where he not only live but worked frequently on Broadway. And so there is expected to be some kind of a public memorial though no specific details have been released. All right ABC's -- -- you -- you so much for joining us we know that you continue. -- -- this story as we just saw live on our air you can of course get completely -- right here on About the overdose and death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman for now. But I Hernandez in new York and this is an ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":22377896,"title":"Philip Seymour Hoffman's Death Under Investigation","duration":"3:00","description":"Four alleged drug dealers were arrested in connection with the actor's death.","url":"/US/video/philip-seymour-hoffman-dead-alleged-drug-dealers-arrested-22377896","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}