'Queen of Katwe' Rose From Slums to Become Chess Prodigy

Phiona Mutesi's remarkable story is the inspiration for Disney's 'Queen of Katwe.'
3:00 | 09/30/16

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Transcript for 'Queen of Katwe' Rose From Slums to Become Chess Prodigy
Just because of justice that's. All of the kids out. That. Come where Rio. CNN has had a very much and she is a humor. You hear her name spoken and it has spoken with all and respects. As they see down and didn't and let us commission. Of one people like not political this mission by evocative thing. Making. You know. We champions computer. Which is preventing you from being a grandmaster. And US. My name is that this can. I'm making out can cancel. How might this have been back. And that his it was. When you can't get kids we've and I expect that same thing. They have to be focussed. I didn't the parent. That you don't anytime you really had to keep what you want. Just as saying I mentioned in the wings sequence the defense for the kids. I didn't and what thing. Because of midnight both. I've got some cut men it's one of the twentieth. This isn't in and you kind of lake is so happy that they get in what has this cuts. If you put his fifth. I put my dad that day. We had lake everything we had to make to how. I'm pleased to provide food and he's being attacked and a map room and both had he had killed. My mom had not played in just courts that was that it had try to get a job and she did have ineffective in anything so. With tepid next troubling and lists shouldn't have been canceled had lost hope. And then within sniffing at the streets. Having been happening for that moment they could be days. May but that came on told us about it this program Davis had some residents and just 16. And it added this program there is being it would books of them they can mean that put the couple for a so when he went to assist program that's that they might I admit to question about it. A company. Need to finish wasn't what I something very special time you cushion Kim dissenting John. But she should tell him she can when US she was very determined to fight. You but that's typical of Islam because money and I hateful spiteful. So you need to fight to win that once you kind mention. It showed me and they can't do a good hands. In an act makeup to defamed my soul. Said nick Dylan and went back happened to beat this guy this boy just. Company picking up slightly habitual. So I fed thinking he'd have a days and they talk an got to get to because it was death. Place Q I'm. Q I'm few bullet. It does it do I know it's yes it yeah it's it and I forget this is what it's done. Just six months down the road and weather moved in and what he did well when it's pleasant what I did hunt and Williams. That doctor wrote after leaving them out again if it's. One of my didn't. I guess when that Kia 308 the economy without peak in you and this is thank you big gift a fallen soul. I active. And that's why I think it went through an ethnic I've been in Houston and the president came. Seoul and I have to listen. It land and they believe that house and into it but in Tibet. She was so excited that tied. So I think that's the big thing and they. And up game and it's now our children confidence has been and effective upon featuring. Some are my. I'm talking to her. Obviously I feel chest as. Has been a guide to her that she Heidi values. And she's obviously very committed to. Sharing. That guy people. Now I've that there are they going forth in this without complaint which we took a bike to school. It's a wonderful about cones before we and they. I'm an April follows painted but they don't and how that all of us to sit at the lake. Its vehicle is up beside me I mean if and they become household bleach they now confessed when the question did they. I want to be that he was they have what they. Hopefully now on debt its I had to have some and so we can happen and reputations a kind of recognition. Is powerful. Because she is leaving her peers and Tibetans mentioned you and asking. Them to me. Something like practically. If you make up Cobb. Truth now he and now some because of Conde. That thing is she's a very present and grounded. Human beings. And she. Is very warm. And focused. She has a focus and he means business when she says she went Stevie. Chess master and she also means business about education. Tiffany was very inspired the it's a global story it's this it's every one I feel can identify. With Fiona. You know wherever you you know this feed this people all over the world. Who are living in conditions in which they feel there is no way. And something like chest can be introduced him and he can just bark. Hope. And and excitement and confidence. To change the circumstances. Move within which to board. This is going to be me I think that hinges on how not for us and trained analysts and it. I can't give them things I want to become men have to keep them. And negative thing going for me if he is this victory tied on Whidbey Island in. Selma high I think that would get. Like equity mandates would keep its eye on me he. I mean they can get to that what this life. I'm.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Phiona Mutesi's remarkable story is the inspiration for Disney's 'Queen of Katwe.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"42203486","title":"'Queen of Katwe' Rose From Slums to Become Chess Prodigy","url":"/US/video/phiona-mutesi-queen-katwe-rose-slums-uganda-chess-42203486"}