Phoenix Flooding Strands Motorists for Hours

Several inches of rain fell in less than an hour, causing havoc during the morning commute.
5:45 | 08/19/14

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Transcript for Phoenix Flooding Strands Motorists for Hours
Too much rain. -- cool little time. Flooding comes to Phoenix a couple of inches fell in just under an hour's time this morning -- highway haven't stranded motorists making it a morning commute. A lot of folks would like to forget -- I'm Dan Cutler and New York developing now watching along with us from Phoenix with all of that rain making that desert into a muddy mess. Is ABC's ounce down in Los Angeles and Alex. The aerial pictures I want to go to those right there because it really says it all what do we know about any stranded -- any possible injuries from all this flooding. -- it's all happening right now and we know at least six people had to be rescued short time ago this morning because of all the rain coming down. Most of the rain falling north of the Phoenix area that's for the heaviest rain was as you mentioned about two inches per hour earlier today. That made it tough for some folks to get out in more rural areas we understand these are areas where flooding does happen it has happened before but. When it comes down like this it is a major problem that's what they've been dealing with today unbelievable I mean you can see part of that highway completely submerged. It was a some of the barricade of some of the barriers that -- pushed over the banks from the river is well there. I -- you went and had access the shot to -- their right now but we're looking at some of the some of the overhead shots -- and you could see motorists stranded on both sides of where. That river has breached over the top of the highway. Did folks have much of a warning about the storm coming through. No these are the monsoon rains something that they deal with the in Arizona and in the southwest in general they -- -- happen. Often times they -- later in the day than these happened these were fairly early in the morning but when they do happen they come very quickly and it can be Arizona can be New Mexico Texas Colorado Utah. Everybody and that the southwest deals with them but when they do happen they come with very little warning sometimes too quickly to get folks out and that's what we're seeing today and we we can see -- this truck actually try to make its way through looks likes to some other stranded motorists that are. About fifty feet in front of the struck that's that's plowing through the river there. What do we know what -- people were stranded any of those rescue efforts that we can see right here of like going on. -- what we understand at least from firefighters right now six people had to be stranded today there could be -- We understand that this afternoon there will likely be more rains coming in that there could be another round of monsoon moisture coming and and then it should dry out that it should be a -- evening but. You know windy storms coming in and we haven't talked to the Phoenix airport get to know. I just what -- kind of impact they may have had there as well. But it it delays air travel it creates problems on the roads it's a major problem for everybody. Win that the monsoon moisture comes in and that's what they're dealing with today. With all of the rain coming down so hard and so fast. Do we know I know because obviously as you point out it hits very quickly that a lot of folks honestly have a heads up on this. What role local authorities had -- been issued any kind of warnings people stay inside stay off the rose any particular highways that have been closed down just because of these monsoons. Well there been some roads and having closed down no highways yes -- -- folks who were in flood prone areas have been told to be careful most of the flooding and most of the rescues that have gone on. Have been in and mainly did she is that have flooded. And they've had to get people laugh out of that area so they can get around those ditches were not looking at cars at least yet. That are underwater and homes that -- are underwater but instead out roads that have been blocked because of ditches and filled up with water so. These fire departments mainly north of Phoenix have gone and and they have been -- getting folks out there. To try to get them through the ditch areas but. -- again with more rain coming in later today this could be a problem yet again and this obviously we're looking at some shots for it here of someone walking through this water obviously have a waterlogged road as well. Not the safest thing to do he might have much choice though in -- a situation that he's. Possibly stranded there but you never know which are very walking -- I mean all of a sudden there's a road and then. There's no road there which is the nature of these monsoonal flooding is that basically covers up the landscape. Making it impossible kind of navigate your way around there. Is that it's been a relatively dry season in Phoenix has and it. It has been they have seen similarly the monsoonal moisture which is not always a good thing because -- is it comes in so quickly that it runs off very quickly to because aground just can't absorb all of that moisture it's the same thing we see here in Los Angeles. And it often comes with lightning and sometimes more lightning then rain did to quell the fire problem second break out. And that's for you have wild fires now in this Casey's were very wet storms it came in. But you're right even a little bit of rain and a little bit of flooding if somebody tries to walk through it or drive through it can be a very dangerous situation. And that's when you see cars being swept away people being swept away. We haven't seen that today to this point in Phoenix but that's always a concern of firefighters and of course that's a concern a lot of folks there is well -- in the first responders but those that are living in the area trying to get to and from work -- And just making their way around -- stocks down from our bureau in Los Angeles -- thank you for that appreciate it. Of course you can't keep up to date with the latest on the Phoenix flooding in real time dollar and ABC news that -- in store for exclusive updates on the go for now. I'm Dan Cutler park.

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{"id":25040393,"title":"Phoenix Flooding Strands Motorists for Hours","duration":"5:45","description":"Several inches of rain fell in less than an hour, causing havoc during the morning commute.","url":"/US/video/phoenix-flooding-strands-motorists-hours-25040393","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}