Planting Tulip Bulbs at the Tudor Place Mansion

ABC News' Stephanie Ramos gets her hands dirty and learns about Florentine Tulips and their significance to the site.
3:49 | 10/25/16

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Transcript for Planting Tulip Bulbs at the Tudor Place Mansion
My favorite things to do is happening bombs and planes and that's fairly easy and it's really great quick color had previously. Patio airports. It's really fun and it's so easy to do and could still be doing pretty out of for the package. Hunch here. The race. Purcell did tonight from the shed this is the usual I'm ball planter. I'm and will be using these tomorrow. And you just sickened in the ground and played the monster in the ground that's pretty. But for us. Will be. To bring one it. Atlanta. Start. It's. Basically. Totally human and some Pont. Act. And it's just that he still would just that he just. But until we're just so this'll be assessing your planting directly in the ground yet I'm you just figure in the ground probably this with the feet in the air not. This. Is there's not that your. System. Now home garden saying lands and that coincided. More. Isn't it it's not listen to this and then we'll put people right and then government and the necessity in DC it was smaller properties let people they do patio gardening. Tips every thing to have. For the spring. All right we'll never. Hear me to grab a few. Every. Consider first thing was well planting. And I remember it for them right so these. Larger society and you can find the roots here or. That's the side that wants done about them here okay they're just sleep centers are on the bottom. And then you just placed it on the buried at the very top. And we'll cover it laughable border okay and then we'll have beautiful. And I just have to make sure to buy the rights. Varieties variety smooth and C it's absolutely. Yet the we yes there are some tablets that are I am just annuals they don't come back every year but is actually do come back every year you know. About how many of them how much about nine in there. And build will they will start to develop or there room in there overtime. I. And its plants that bloom when you look like that's cute to slip. And they smell really beautifully. There were to say just when I got a little bit more dirt yet. He and so once you just leave this undergraduate just outside for the winter and then in the spring build operate. Rounds April. And this time it in this area. Right now in the name it's. Let's pick and yes. Kids and plan passed but the time for you Gartner it displays. You have a chance to meet and Washington DC and is it. Its store count the guard. It. RA and that's.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"ABC News' Stephanie Ramos gets her hands dirty and learns about Florentine Tulips and their significance to the site.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"43046293","title":"Planting Tulip Bulbs at the Tudor Place Mansion","url":"/US/video/planting-tulip-bulbs-tudor-place-mansion-43046293"}