Police captain speaks out on Eric Garner chokehold case

Chairperson of the National Black Police Association reacts to the Justice Department's decision not to file charges in the Eric Garner police brutality case.
4:44 | 07/17/19

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Transcript for Police captain speaks out on Eric Garner chokehold case
You remember these words I can't breathe on those were the last words 43 year old air garner said. When he died in a choke hold at the hands of a white NYPD officer exactly five years ago was caught on tape. And it was ruled a homicide in just yesterday. A day before this five year anniversary of his death the Justice Department. Declined to bring federal charges against officers appear some words from his mother and daughter yesterday after the decision. Just. Just. I'd give the go my son said I can't reach eleven time. Ed to date we can't reach. Because they have led us down. This is an outbreak to insult to injury you kill my side and you won't get away with they. I step quietly but but five years. Being quiet anymore. And I have all of the deployed as does some black me. Yeah and that some those are powerful words and I want to bring in captain Sonia Pruitt with the Montgomery county police department. In Maryland. Sonya you have a family grieving over their deep loss and then the deep pain of feeling like no justice. Was served so there's really no closure. In the and we're filling. Their pain as well. We have the most action or spam. Pitched travesty here is that the previous administration. Was moving for on this case when the -- lynch was the attorney general. Then it was pause and hold by Jeff Sessions. And yet here we are when he nineteen bad news later and her family has not had an opportunity. To have justice. Yes. It's pretty it's pretty sad and you know it just makes people wonder how is it possible for a man to die in public. In their cell phone footage and then you have a police officer who is still getting paid on administrative leave. Yeah what were confused about that too. As an organization the national black association had been filed this case really really closely. And we are expecting some action we were hopeful that the am it would have an opportunity. To face the person who. Intentional and we are not killed there's. And killed their father kill their brother. As subtle arm to see the video is see that an illegal hold. Was views against the man who was doing no more than selling cigarettes which has to be some sort of a misdemeanor in my opinion. Is troubling. And it doesn't move us for it at all in this country. Yet it's you know we're playing the video again now alignments it's making emotional because the fact that you can go and just watch this again see this man's death I mean it's it's really traumatize and so I wanna asking you know how do you build community between police and people of color when these are the story that you can just Google and see this is what happens. You know that is a great question and so I'm gonna say something I don't often state because you'll like people are no witches. Knocks out do an outstanding. Job so we have to balance. Things that are happening against the things. That are are good and sure about being police. But in this particular case I don't know how we get around the family has the national black associations full support. In this and I'm Rick going to be talking about it and you know that's another thing we have to do we have to. Continue to be courageous. And pushing these messages or and get away from the narrative that the police are out arming our communities. And what conversations have you had in your own department. About these different. Incidents that have happened with police brutality. What you know we're always. In conversation. I was coming conversation with my peers and with the rank and file and in particular with the community because he tries. Ed weeping that we do as police officers in this country. So we want to be transparent. And we want to be honest because that's where the real work is done. RA down Sonia Pruitt with the Montgomery county police department in Maryland we appreciate you joining us. And down just sending lots of love and energy to. You're congress family. I thank you yes thank you.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"Chairperson of the National Black Police Association reacts to the Justice Department's decision not to file charges in the Eric Garner police brutality case. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64393191","title":"Police captain speaks out on Eric Garner chokehold case ","url":"/US/video/police-captain-speaks-eric-garner-chokehold-case-64393191"}