Police and demonstrators continue to clash during Puerto Rico protests

Julio Ricardo Varela, founder of LatinoRebels.com and host of political podcast "In the Think" comments on the chaos ensuing between protesters and police in Puerto Rico.
5:08 | 07/23/19

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Transcript for Police and demonstrators continue to clash during Puerto Rico protests
We begin in Puerto Rico where over half a million protesters were met with tear gas. In the capital late last night in this comes and they continue to call for the governor to resign immediately over league conversations showing him using violent sexist and homophobic language so. Victor okay nose in San Juan with the latest victims. Kimberly the cleanup is underway here in old San Juan this police barricade right behind me right in front of the governor's mansion. The front line of those late night clashes with protesters police deployed tear gas to disperse crowds after protesters gathered late into the night. Following a day of massive demonstrations. He anger aimed at the island's governor reaching a boiling point as hundreds of thousands demand he step down governor recorder Percy oh. Mourned by controversy ever since appropriate group chat between he and his aides was leaked appearing on Fox News. Digging in his refusal to give up power on the mainland the Ricky resigned chant echoing in New York's Grand Central station. That anger and frustration even reaching the White House president trump calling the governor terrible. Slamming or sealed for his handling of hurricane disaster funding in that interview with. Since the governor struggle to name one supporter here on the island he eventually named a local mayor we reached out of that mayor who told us. He did not support the governor Kimberly. Right thank you Victor and we want to continue this conversation with Julio Ricardo bar realize he's that co host. The political pod cast in the thick and the founder of Latino rebels dot com and has been covering Puerto Rico for years. Good to see you Julio so you see there there's nearly million people in the streets over these chats. But I read your article that you wrote yesterday and you said that this is really a combination of the worst political crisis in modern. Puerto Rico's history what do you mean by that. I mean no last 142. Weeks since the first leak and the the telegram. At Chatzky now. And it has been a constitutional crisis I mean the governor artery was at the World Cup the women's World Cup final Harry dig back. And had to comeback win and come back by Wednesday. Because of the program Chia chat as well as the federal ressam is our administration's two former administration officials canceled his vacation. Are you see here is the lonely is man in Puerto Rico sums could loneliness the world right now. There's no one that is supporting regard them as they go. I've been talking to people inside the government as well we're telling me privately that. And error there's a possibility of even more resignations were some resignations happened street administration. And being a bit more are on the way. And and then in the fox interview eaten what was. What was that that was regardless ago talking about procurement reform. When there was anywhere from half a million to a million people on on the lard the Big Easy is expressly in Puerto Rico. Peacefully protesting. Asking injuries aren't. I mean is all culminating last night in the capital and put except it was clear that the police. Through a tear gas into the Carney actually confirmed it Puerto Rican radio this morning. Eight and this is gonna continue and continue and continue until regardless annual league's. Yes so yes go on those images are crazy I'm I want to ask obvious question why does the governor bill that he doesn't. Need to resign I mean half of the island is in the state. Well I mean there's a couple of things here they each understand Ers there's no secretary. He's resigned as he was part of a group chat and basically in succession. You know according to the constitution. Easter to second in command. Right now if you look at it got residuals resigned today it would beat head of the Department of Justice. Who actually now. At least as of this morning has called for the participants of the group Jack to turn over there's all. So such a bass. Pro statehood party leader right now who don't notice they deal. I've resigned as the leader of the pro statehood party on Sunday and now the president of the senate Tomas Rivera shot is the president of the bigger party. Don't know what they're going to be dealings there's actually calls for impeachment uttered an economic house. What does that mean we're really gonna go to impeachment process in Puerto Rico and the Governor Perry saying bring in our. This is this is apparently has no credibility in DC no upper back that's no credibility no credibility locally wouldn't don't eat all. And it's becoming and we're seeing images of tear gas every eight. After eleven where the Puerto Rico police that continues to that I think Israel. Repression against protesters. After 11 o'clock there's no concentration of worry there's no freedom of expression. I mean this is this is we're going into the second we're into the third week now this is not gonna. All right well when duckling on a keep. Our eyes on what's happening there over the next couple of days and until and something happened so Julio Ricardo Varela thanks for joining us today we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"5:08","description":"Julio Ricardo Varela, founder of LatinoRebels.com and host of political podcast \"In the Think\" comments on the chaos ensuing between protesters and police in Puerto Rico.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64512896","title":"Police and demonstrators continue to clash during Puerto Rico protests","url":"/US/video/police-demonstrators-continue-clash-puerto-rico-protests-64512896"}