Ex-police officer accused of misusing badge to meet women

Leonel Marines, 36, allegedly used his status as an officer to target at least 150 women for dates.
4:05 | 03/08/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ex-police officer accused of misusing badge to meet women
In June of last year a citizen complaint was filed against Sargent Lionel marinas. By an adult female and parents. They concerns over the actions. Of Arenas after he had a chance brief encounter with her. In the parking lot of a local establishment. While driving home she became concerned. I'm realizing he was following her and his police cruiser although he turned off shortly. Before her rival to her parents house. Short time later marine is showed up to this residence and told her parents who answered the door that he was there to speak with a woman who had arrived there shortly before. Regarding a domestic matter. Parents of course recognize there is no domestic situation occurring with their daughter. Question his true intentions and refused to allow their daughter to come in the door. Rea has continued to persuade parents to let him speak with her daughter. Are they refused and requested his name and supervisory information. Marine has left the residence without providing any of us. The immediately. Caught Iraq agency. And spoke with the watch commander on duty who was able to determine that it was Y number Arenas who is working at the time and hoop upon questioning. Told them a starkly different account Sany farther to our residents. Because one of her headlights was out and he thought maybe she was impaired. The two story is really didn't match up and that was brought to my attention. I ordered a further investigation into the incident which ultimately led to an audit. A marina says driver's license and vehicle registration records Hughes. As Wallace's patrol activity. The results of this audit heightened my concern even greater due to discrepancies of the subjects he was conducting queries on vs his involvement. He and the department we're working on with regards to to open an active cases. As well a very very clear trend but focusing on female. Vs male names emerged. At the beginning of the investigation marine is a twelve year employee with our agency. And serving an eight supervisory capacity. Was pulled from patrol activities. And assigned to dusty. As the investigation continued in the egregious nature. But his actions became more and more apparent he was ultimately placed on administrative leave without pay and stripped of his badge. Gun and uniforms. On October 30. Twin eighteen. Marine has resigned. Our investigation however. Continued. Revealed several hundred. Questionable database queries of women during a specific time frame that was chosen. Due to our ability to Corley this data. Through various internal systems. It also revealed that this behavior may have been going on. For years. Stretching as far back. As 2012. Ultimately. We were able to locate. An interview nearly a 150 women. In association with this case. From there a smaller subset. Was identified in which we were clearly able to show. That marine is engaged in negative and inappropriate direct contact with them. While presenting himself as a Brington police officer. Both on and off duty. To get writes the root of matter. Why no marinas was not utilizing this data. For law enforcement purposes whatsoever instead. He was usenet and a variety of ways via social media. Cold telephone calls visits to their home under the guise of being there for police business. You name it to trying to dates with these women. And he was very persistent. And successful at time's. And its efforts to do so.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"Leonel Marines, 36, allegedly used his status as an officer to target at least 150 women for dates.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61553785","title":"Ex-police officer accused of misusing badge to meet women","url":"/US/video/police-officer-accused-misusing-badge-meet-women-61553785"}