Police officer among those killed in Jersey City shootout

New details emerge about the police standoff at a kosher market in a “targeted” attack by two suspects.
6:02 | 12/11/19

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Transcript for Police officer among those killed in Jersey City shootout
OK we begin with that deadly shooting in Jersey City yesterday a police standoff and shootout with two suspects leaving six people dead. Turning a has sitting Jewish neighborhood into a war zone are Adrian banker is on the scene with Morrie Adrian. Kimberly yes were outside of that Kosher supermarket and that word of problem. The mayor of Jersey City who met with S earlier this morning at a news conference saying that they believe that this location that was targeted. All because of the way the suspects approached this Kosher supermarket driving slowly up to the location and the only open. That's firing. On the people in sight here. Now that were nearby police officers and that the mayor is commending them for responding so quickly for being right in the area. And that that prevented the situation from becoming much much worse but three people inside three innocent people lost their lives. In the gun battle we know that the two suspects were also killed. But swat teams just descending on neighborhood streets here in the community. A lot of schools nearby. And they did lockdown surrounding campuses. All around the city upwards of fifty school campuses were on lockdown and those kids were able to leave the schools it. Right into the arms of their release parents just before 5 PM last night. So what happens today what we know that there will be more information released from authorities as the motive of these two suspects remember they also. Are allegedly the ones who murdered a police officer detective Joseph steals this about a mile away from here. At eight Jersey City cemetery. That's before they came here to this Kosher supermarket also New York City mayor Phil the Bellagio is going to be talking about. His efforts saying that they are going to be. Acting out since certain measures to make sure that new York city police officers are at key locations key Jewish locations throughout the city to come back. Anti semitism. Now law enforcement authorities tell ABC news. That at least one of the suspects. Did post some anti Semitic remarks on lying. Fairly recently they're not saying that those comments were part of this attack but they are saying that they're part of the investigation and are looking into that Kimberly. All right thank you agent in for more on the story I'm joined Barrett air and deter ski. Completely sad and and tragic I just wanna start with the people who lost their lives what do we know about the victims in the slain officer. We know that two of the victims were orthodox Jews and had been inside the Kosher supermarket and were killed the police said by that two suspects who as soon as they had jumped out of the van after shooting and killing the police detective. Jumped out of event this Kosher supermarket with a long guns drawn and and the police believe that those civilians who were killed. Were killed by the two shooting suspects. The funerals are probably going to be later today in accordance with would Jewish tradition. The police officer who was killed was a fifteen year. Veteran of the Jersey city police force Joseph seals was a detective. It's gonna wife and five kids and and he was the lead officer in Jersey City in taking guns off the street wow that was his. Mission and that's what he did more than any other officer on that force. And killed. In gun violence. Unbelievable so I I want askew an agent sort of mention it but. Was this anti semitism well the the authorities haven't called of that yet they haven't specifically said that this was a bias crime but you've heard the mayor Stephen full of in Jersey City say that. He believes the Kosher supermarket was deliberately chosen was targeted by the two shooting suspects why is that. They have closed circuit camera footage that shows the suspects having shot the detective in this cemetery about a mile mile Hathaway. Driving on the main thoroughfare in Jersey City. And driving rather slowly. And they have options they have other businesses where they could go but settled on this Kosher supermarket why police don't know. But they settle on this Kosher supermarket and that's when the gunfire barrage begins in fact. The police were credited with a running toward the gun fire and containing the violence inside the supermarket. Otherwise that the police are convinced that it could've been much worse had it gone out the door and onto the street. So they're not sure that it was specifically an anti Semitic attack but we've learned a little bit about the suspects Kimberly. They are thought to have been members of the black Israelites which is the Southern Poverty Law Center calls them a hate group the FBI calls them a domestic terror group. They are known for anti police and anti Jewish sentiments. Can you just have to imagine because one of the other things she mentioned you know this was around so many schools all of these kids this is just completely rocking this community. What do you think of ballots. Just the idea that this is becoming a regular thing in. This country Leah hope it's not regular thing and and how rare thankfully to have such heavy weaponry on loaded. On a busy public street in in a major city that's. Hopefully it's rare but that the police actions. Are being credited with actually saving lives says as much as you you don't necessarily want to have these heavy weapons. Being exchanged. The mayor was pretty clear in saying that the first two officers who heard the initial burst of gunfire. Ran toward it and kept the suspects inside that building prevented them from getting outside. The standoff lasted up to four hours and in that time it did the gunfire was so heavy at times that they thought it best to lockdown the schools. I think their 46 of them in in the Jersey City public school system and so all the kids were were kept in there and they had to dismiss orderly. Well after dark. And it's completely sat in all of this right before. The holiday season it's tragic anytime but especially tragic now Aaron winter ski thank you so much for the update thanks appreciate it yes.

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{"duration":"6:02","description":"New details emerge about the police standoff at a kosher market in a “targeted” attack by two suspects.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67658755","title":"Police officer among those killed in Jersey City shootout","url":"/US/video/police-officer-killed-jersey-city-shootout-67658755"}