A police officer shot and killed Daunte Wright during a traffic stop

Protests broke out overnight near Minneapolis where tensions are already high as the trial of Derek Chauvin enters its third week.
3:55 | 04/12/21

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Transcript for A police officer shot and killed Daunte Wright during a traffic stop
Protests on the streets of suburban Minneapolis yesterday after a police officer shot and killed twenty year old Dante right during a traffic stop. Protesters gathered at the scene eventually marching to the Brooklyn center police department headquarters. Police there used flash bang grenades to clear the crowds in the city's mayor impose it on her overnight curfew. Tensions are already high in the city where the trial of former police officer Derek Shelvin charge in the death of George Floyd. Enters its third week ABC's Alex Perez has the latest on the investigation. Overnight protests erupted him Brooklyn senator or a suburb of Minneapolis after a fatal police shooting of a black man during a traffic stop. The Minnesota National Guard deployed. Police deploying tear gas to clear the crowds out. Black vendor made. The incident beginning just before 2 PM on Sunday when officers pulled the car over for a traffic violation. According to the Brooklyn center police department the driver who had an outstanding warrants are trying to get back in the vehicle while officers were making an arrest. An officer then shot the driver the car driving for several blocks before crashing into another vehicle. Police say paramedics attempted lifesaving measures but the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. Governor Tim Walz to eating our state mourns another life of a black man taken by law enforcement. Tensions have very quickly rising before nightfall protesters carrying black lives matter signs have seen here and clashing with the police. Protesters also seen jumping on cars even using cinder blocks to smash windows and a police vehicle Katie writes at the mother of the driver who shot identified her son has swing year old Dante right. His family telling ABC news that he was a good kid and loved being a father to his son Dante junior. Seen in this photo being held by Wright's brother at the protests. Call me about why news for a team that he is getting pulled over by the brilliant. An example why did you get home over he's not yet made an ultimatum to get an air freshener hanging from the there I don't want everybody out here CNBC its. Screaming and yelling yeah black animal that's it. Phyllis brain ABC's Alex for as his live in Minneapolis just miles away from where the shooting and those protests broke out Alex things got pretty tense overnight. In Brooklyn center what does seem like there today and and in Minneapolis itself where the dared show than trusting place. He had done and you know the air was already tense here in Minneapolis and this has certainly certainly contributed to do some of that those protests wed. Into the overnight hours side you saw those back conflict between police officers and there was a demonstrator stuff. National guards that were already deployed here in Minneapolis and across different parts of the state. Because of the ongoing trial and authorities have now moved to some of those national Guardsmen to. The Brooklyn center area just to make sure that these protests. Remained a peaceful authorities say they welcome the protests they just do not want to see any of the violence. We are anticipating bracing for possibly more protests later today Diane. Right an Alex it's day eleven of the trial and dared show venue where does the child stand right now we know them prosecution is looking to wrap up soon. What are we expecting to see in court today. The yet Diane testimony continues here at the courthouse side just a little while we're expecting prosecutors are going to call. Georgia Floyd's their Brothers to testify to talk about the kind of person he was that the prosecution could soon there now. Off to rest their case and then the defense would begin presenting their case. To the jury Diane right out expressed in Minneapolis Forrest thanks Alex.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Protests broke out overnight near Minneapolis where tensions are already high as the trial of Derek Chauvin enters its third week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77022639","title":"A police officer shot and killed Daunte Wright during a traffic stop","url":"/US/video/police-officer-shot-killed-daunte-wright-traffic-stop-77022639"}